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Act out the flashes of conversation using the substitutions for the word and phrase in italics.

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  1. A) Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phrase in italics.
  2. Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phrase in italics.
  3. Complete the sentences using can or (be) able to. Use can if possible; otherwise use (be) able to.
  4. I. The following thoughts passed through the minds of two negotiators during a negotiation. Use the words and phrases in brackets to reproduce what they actually said.
  5. II. Complete the text using the missing words.
  6. II. Find Russian equivalents to the following phrases from the texts.

1. A. Have you studied the terms and conditionsof the Draftyet?
B. Yes, we have, and find themfully acceptable.

A. That's really good news.

Substitutions: our tentative conclusions onthe amount of work; thecost provisions; the detailed specifications; thedrawings of the generalview of equipment; the terms of payment

2. A. ...And what doyou think now, Mr В.? Was I (it) convincing enough?


B. Then, I suggestthat we should resume discussions on the amount of work. A. No objections. We're ready to go over this point again. Substitutions: cost of the design work; technological part; advance; word­ing of article No. ... ; world's leading expertise; contract value; detailed project report (DPR); working drawings 3. A. Your price sounds attractive. B. We can offer you favourable terms of payment as well. Substitutions: favourable credit terms; early delivery dates; attractive terms of delivery; every assistance

VII. Compare the style of these phrases.

В. Yes, quite. Considering all this I findthe cost reasonable.

Substitutions: the time limit; the original provision; a 15 per cent advance;the price; this method of payment

to work out

Insert "to work out" in the proper form.

1. The feasibility report... by a French firm. 2. All the documents ... by the supplier and approved by the customer. 3.1 suggest that we ... the plan of our work together. 4. It'll take the design organization ten months ... the DPR. 5. Based on the information, the firm ... a draft contract for the elabo­ration of the DPR.

to suggest; to offer

a) Insert "to suggest" or "to offer" in the required form.

1. The supplier ... that they should start with collecting the initial data required for the feasibility study. 2. The company ... assistance to the cus­tomer in preparing the design assignment. 3. The customer... that we should go point by point discussing the draft contract. 4. The firm ... to prepare working drawings along with the DPR. 5. The customer ... that the supplier should reconsider the time limits for the elaboration of the DPR. 6. Based on the initial data, the design organization ... a change in the DPR. 7. I ... dis­cussing the amount of work first. 8. May I ... a break now? 9. I ... that we, should get in touch with the organizations concerned once again.

b) Act out the flashes of conversation using the substitutions for the
phrases in italics.

1. A. What shall we go by to make our choice?

B. I suggest looking at the shop's layout first.

Substitutions: drawings of the general view of the equipment; feasibility study; economic benefit; detailed specifications; amount of work; time lim­its

2. A. We'd be happy to cooperate where we could. Let's see if we can do

anything about it.

Phrases from a business letter:

made a decision to construct... per year

the Corporation contacted the sup­plier... We have pleasure in informing you

We find your conclusion on ... suit­able

We shall be glad if you will be will­ing...

to cooperate with us further in this endeavour

with a view to discussing ...

We would like to consider the preparation ...

concerning the preparation ...

to carry out the design work

inform us of your receiving ...

we find it impossible to consider ...

at the earliest

Phrases from a business talk:

decided to construct...

a year

the Corporation got in touch with

the supplier We'd like to tell you...

Your conclusion on... suits us (very

well) We'll be glad if you will agree ...

to help us in this business (deal)

just to discuss ...

We'd like to take up the preparation

about the preparation ...

to do the design work (the job)

let us know when you receive ...

we can't accept...

as soon as possible


VIII. Fill in articles or possessive pronouns wherevernecessary. Discuss the letters.

1- December 15, 20...

Dear Sirs,

As you know from ... cable of December 10, 20... we have sent you ... remaining data required for... preparation of... Detailed Project Report.

We shall appreciate it if you will inform us at the earliest when you will receive ... initial data, as ... date of... receiving them is considered ... start­ing date for ... preparation of... Detailed Project Report.

We are looking forward to ... early reply.

Yours faithfully,

2. January 4, 20...

Dear Sirs,

In reply to ... letter of December 15, 20..., we wish to inform you that on ... December 30, 20... we received ... initial data requested by ... firm. How­ever, these cannot be considered complete as there is no information on particulars about... raw materials for ... plant.

In view of the above we find it impossible to consider ... 30th of Decem­ber ... starting date for ... preparation of... Detailed Project Report (DPR) as ... mentioned data are urgently required for us to do ... design work. We would therefore like you to let us have them within ... month. You will un­derstand that... delay in sending ... above data may cause ... delay in work­ing out... DPR.

We would request you to take action and speed up things as under the circumstances the only alternative we see is to consider ... date of receiving ... remaining data ... starting point for ... preparation of... DPR.

Looking forward to ... earliest reply.

Yours faithfully,

to take action принимать меры to speed up things ускорить дело under the circumstances при дан­ных обстоятельствах alternative n выход, альтернатива

complete а полный

particulars n подробности

raw materials сырьевые материалы

you will understand вы, конечно,


3. July 15,20...

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for ... Detailed Project Report for ... construction of ... Works with annual product capacity of 30,000 tons. ... Detailed Project Re­port was handed to us by... representative on ... 12th of June. As you know in ... course of... talks held in Moscow we decided to invite ... Consultant Engineer to help us consider ... documentation. We shall be happy to meet ... Chief Engineer of... Project together with ... team of ... experts in two weeks' time.

Please, inform us at your earliest convenience when we can expect ... engineers to arrive. We shall need some time to arrange for ... hotel accom­modation for them.

Yours faithfully,

consultant engineer инженер-кон- at your earliest convenience как

сультант (фирма) можно скорее

chief engineer главный инженер

IX. Fill in prepositions or adverbial particles wherever necessary. Discuss the text.

... accordance ... the current Agreement... December 23, 20... the sup­plier was expected to give technical assistance ... the customer... the con­struction ... a Nickel plant... a capacity ... tons ... product ... year.


The customer was advised to turn ... that particular company / firm ...
as they are engaged ... the construction ... similar projects abroad. ... the
course ... the talks both parties agreed ... the time limits ... preparation ...
the DPR and the Working Drawings. It was agreed that these documents
would be worked.......... the Russian side ... the basis ... the initial data col­
lected ... the customer.

... the Agreement the Russian design organizations started elaboration ... the DPR but they had to stop the work as some ... the initial data, namely geological information, had not been made available ... them.

The supplier got... touch ... the customer and found that they were go­ing to ask the Russian side to carry... the geological survey work... 2 months.

... (a) careful consideration ... the customer's request the supplier found it impossible to complete the work ... such a short period and suggested that the work should be done ... the customer as previously agreed.



namely adv а именно, то есть geological surveyгеологическая съемка

to make available предоставлять

X. Read these letters and do the assignments given below each of them. Make use of the model of the talk following Letter 1.

1. November 28, 20...

Dear Sirs,

We wish to inform you that your Draft Contract for the preparation of the DPR reached us on November 3, 20... and was given (a) careful consid­eration.

We are pleased to note that we find the documentation acceptable on the whole and particularly with regard to the time limits. However, we have to point out that the cost of the design work is higher than we expected it to be.

The fact is that a similar works was constructed for us by a ... firm in 20...-20... at a much lower cost, while the two projects do not differ much in the capacity and technological part.

We hope you will agree to reduce the cost after you have studied our competitors' materials which will be sent to you under separate cover as early as possible.

We are looking forward to your early reply.

Yours faithfully,

particularly adv особенно with regard to относительно, что

under separate cover отдельной касается, в отношении



Supplier. I think we can get down to business right away.

Customer. No objections. The only point we'd like to raise is the cost of the design work.

S. We discussed it with you during our preliminary talks...

C. We did, and we'd like to take up this point again. We still find it too high. Do you think you could explain your position in more detail?

S. Certainly. We've studied your materials and I don't think we can com­pare the two projects.

C. But why? After all, it's a similar works you are going to construct.

S. No, not quite. Your works was constructed ... years ago.

C. It was. But still the difference is big.

S. We'll show you some more materials and you'll see that the prices have

gone up since that time. Besides, it's going to be a modern enterprise of

bigger capacity, with advanced technology. C. Let me think. What if we undertake to do part of the design work? It will

bring down the cost, won't it? S. Certainly it will. But we'll have to think it over. And see what part you

could do. С All right. Then we'll be waiting for your proposals. S. Agreed. We'll let you know when we are ready.

Hold the talks along these lines.

Prove to the customer that the cost of the design work is justified.

2. 12th May, 20...

Dear Sirs,

We had done a lot of market research before we made a decision to turn to you for technical assistance. We have found out that you have a long experience exactly in this line of business.

The point is that we intend to construct a plant for the industrial pro­cessing of... ores from our... deposits. With this in view we ask you to give us assistance in carrying out survey work and preparation of design docu­ments.

If you are willing to cooperate along these lines, we shall have a team of local surveyers to help you speed up the exploration work. In this context may we suggest the following time limits: survey work — within 10 months of the date of signing the Contract, preparation of the DPR and elaboration of the Working Drawings — within 24 months of the date of completing the survey work.

We hope you will give favourable consideration to our request.

Your prompt reply will be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

processing[preo'sesin] of... ore»[o:z] deposit[di'pozit] n месторождение переработка ... руды



to cooperate along these lines exploration workисследование (reo-
зд. сотрудничать а этом направлении графическое и т. п.); горная геологи-

surveyer|s3:'ve(i)o] п топограф, гео- ческая разведка (месторождения)

дезист in this contextв этой связи

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