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Delivery Dates

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  1. Contract (Time of Delivery, Payment)

The equipment under Clause 1 of this Contract will be delivered within 4 months from the date of opening the Letter of Credit as stipulated in Clause 4 of the present Contract.

All questions concerning shipment of the goods are to be settled in ac­cordance with the Buyers' instructions.

15 days before the date of shipment the Sellers will notify the Buyers by fax about the date of the readiness of the goods for shipment indicating the weight of the cargo as well as the transit border of the truck to Russia.

Within 24 hours after shipment the Sellers will let the Buyers know by fax the date of shipment, contract Nariad and Trans numbers, the number of the truck way-bill, the number of cases and their weights.

The delivery date is understood to be the date of the truck way-bill is­sued in the name of the Buyer.

Prior deliveries are allowed.

4. Terms of Payment

Payment under this Contract shall be made in Dollars by a Letter of Credit which is to be opened by the Buyers with the Central Bank of... in the name of the Sellers within 30 days from the date of signing the present Contract.

The Letter of Credit is to be valid fori 80 days. Expenses connected with opening the L/C will be for the Buyers' account.

If there is a delay in opening the L/C the deliveries will be postponed accordingly.

Payment shall be made against presentation of the following documents:

a) original and two copies of detailed invoice,

b) two original clean Bills of Lading or truck way-bills issued in the name of the Buyers,

c) packing lists in triplicate,

d) test report or any other document showing that the equipment con­forms to the specifications,

e) copy of the Sellers' letter about the dispatch of the technical doc­umentation to the Buyers in accordance with Clause 6 of this Contract.

5.1. If the Letter of Credit is delayed or/and opened for an improper
amount the Buyer will pay the Seller a penalty of 0.1% of the Letter of
Credit amount.

If the opening of the Letter of Credit is delayed for more than 5 days, the Seller has the right to cancel the delivery of the lot of the Goods to be paid for from the Letter of Credit.

5.2. The Seller has the right to claim interest on the amounts delayed from payments due to the Seller in accordance with the present Contract.

5.3. If the opening of the Letter of Credit is delayed the delivery period shall be extended accordingly.

5.4. In case the delivery period stipulated in the present Contract is vio­lated, the Seller shall pay penalty to the Buyer.

5.5. The penalty is estimated as 0.5% of the cost of delayed Goods for every complete week of delay, but it should not exceed 3% of the cost of the actually delayed Goods.

5.6. The amount of the penalty can be neither increased nor decreased by arbitration.

5.7. If the Goods arc delayed for more than 4 months, the Buyer has the right to cancel the Contract in full or in respect of its undelivered parts.

way-bill п авто-накладная accordingly [a'kordinli] adv соответ­ственно dispatch п отправка presentation [,prez3n'teijan) п пред­ставление in triplicate ['tnphkat] в трех экзем­плярах to conform to соответствовать improper [ип'ргврэ] зд. неправиль­ный cancel ['kaensal] и расторгнуть, кан-целировать to claim interest требовать уплаты процентов extend [ik'stend] v продлевать violate I'vaialeitJ v нарушать decrease |di'kri:s| v снижать in respect |n'spekt| of в отношении

as per в соответствии

total amount общая сумма

prices are understood цены подни­маются

truck n грузовик

all questions... are to be settled все вопросы должны решаться (глагол to be с последующим инфинитивом употребляется для выражения дол­женствования в соответствии с до­говоренностью, оговоренной пись­менно или устно)

to notify smb about the readiness of the goods известить кого-л. о го­товности товара

weight [weit) n вес

cargo n груз

transit ['traenzitl border место пере­сечения границы, пограничный пункт



XVI. Read these sample letters for different occasions. Make use of the phrases in bold type. A. Business Letters

В. Social Occasions


Dear Sirs,

Your Draft Contract has reached us dulyand we can now make comments onsome of the clauses.

While most of the clauses are acceptable the total cost of the equipment seems unreasonably high. We think that we have to look again at the prices which are quoted by the world leading firms in this field.

Will you therefore meetour representative in Moscow to dis­cuss your itemizedand groupprices. This would help us to reach mutual agreement.

We expect to hear from you soon!

Yours faithfully,


Dear Sirs,

With reference toyour re­quest to speed up issuing entry visasfor your engineers we wish to inform youthat proper action was taken a week ago and we hope the visas will come through very soon.

Meanwhile will you let us haveyour comments on our ideas about the new reimbursement

Уважаемые господа!

Мы получилиВаш проект контрактаи можем сделать за­ключениепо ряду статей.

Основные статьи контракта приемлемы (для нас), однако, об­щая стоимость оборудования оче­видно завышена. Мы полагаем, что необходимо еще раз рассмот­реть цены ведущих фирм мира, занятых в указанной сфере.

Просим встретитьнашего представителя в Москве для об­суждения ваших позиционныхи групповыхцен. Это поможет, нам достичь взаимного согла-j шения.

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