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Tions given below each of them.

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Уважаемые господа! Мы внимательно изучили Ваше предложение и были бы


Dear Sirs,

We have given your offer ourbest attention and would be glad to

Questions: 1. Have the prospective parties exchanged correspondence? 2. Are they planning personal contacts? 3. Where are the negotiations going to take place?

Questions: 1. What does the buyer complain about? 2. When was the short-ship­ment discovered? 3. What else does the buyer complain about?

X. Read these letters and do the assignments given below each of them. 1. May 7, 20... I Dear Mr Scott, Many thanks for your letter of 5 May. We are interested to hear that you saw our advertisement in the ..., and appreciate your interest in the prod­ucts we stock. We are enclosing our Terms of Business, where you will find details of our quarterly discounts, and our price-list for the complete range of... prod­ucts. As you will see, we can give special terms for orders of the value you mention.

1. Does the letter come from the buyer or from the seller? 2. Is the buyer interested in buying the seller's goods? 3. What does the seller enclose? 4. What was sent to the buyer by separate mail?

discuss particulars. Our Vice-Presi­dent Mr S. is going to visit the In­ternational Engineering Confer­ence which will be held in London in July. He will be prepared to ne­gotiate the purchase of the ma­chines you offer. Mr S. will get in touch with you on arrival in Lon­don.

Yours faithfully, ...

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your letter of ... and are pleased to learn that you are interested in buying our goods. We enclose our current price-list, which gives you information about our terms of payment and deliv­ery. Our samples were sent to you by separate mail.

If you need any further informa­tion please let us know without de­lay.

Yours faithfully, ...


рады обсудить подробности. Вице-президент нашей фирмы г-н С. посетит Международную ма­шиностроительную выставку, ко­торая состоится в Лондоне в июле. Он будет рад провести с Ва­ми переговоры о покупке пред­ложенных Вами станков. Г-н С. свяжется с Вами по приезде в Лондон.

С уважением, ...

Уважаемые господа!

Благодарим за Ваше письмо от ... Мы с удовольствием узнали, что Вы заинтересованы в покуп­ке наших товаров. Прилагаем наш прейскурант текущих цен, который дает информацию о на­ших условиях платежа и постав­ки. Образцы (товара) были посла­ны Вам отдельной посылкой.

Если Вам потребуется дополни­тельная информация, пожалуй­ста, сообщите без промедления. С уважением, ...


Dear Sirs,

We are sorry that we have to complain about the short-shipment of parts which were delivered in the last consignment.

The cases were delivered to the site in good condition and the short delivery was discovered only when the cases were unpacked and the contents were checked up with the invoices.

Besides some parts were found damaged. A list of these is enclosed.

Please look into the matter and take action to correct the situation.

Yours faithfully,

Уважаемые господа!

Очень сожалеем, что вынуж­дены выразить претензию в свя­зи с недогрузкой частей, которые были поставлены в последней партии.

Ящики были доставлены на площадку в хорошем состоянии, и недогрузка была обнаружена только при вскрытии ящиков и сверке содержимого со счетами.

Кроме этого обнаружилось, что некоторые детали повреж­дены. Список этих деталей при­лагается.

Просим Вас разобраться в этом вопросе и принять меры к ис­правлению положения.

С уважением, ...


I will be in ... myself on 17 May, and will be happy to call on you at any time in the afternoon. Perhaps you would like to let me know whether this is convenient. I will, of course, bring the complete range of our product items, which are described in the catalogue we have sent you today.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Yours faithfully,

Meet Mr Scott to discuss particulars of their prices and discounts. Specify the delivery dates you require.

2. December 10, 20...
Re: Equipment for the Moscow office.

Dear Mr Brown,

We thank you for your offer dated November 28, 20... which we have studied and on the whole we would like to accept it. We also agree with your proposal to give us assistance in installing the equipment in question and would like to invite your Company's representative to Moscow. At the same time we will appreciate it if you will grant us a discount off the prices quoted in your offer.

In order to prepare a draft contract we kindly ask you to forward to us by fax supplementary data both about your Company (namely: a copy of your Company's Rules and Regulations and the latest balance sheet) and details necessary for including in the contract: time of delivery, terms of payment, name of your bank and account No., mode of transportation, etc.

Our Fax Number is 755 22 34

We are looking forward to your early reply.

Yours faithfully,

Meet Mr. Brown in Moscow to obtain supplementary data on his company. Speak on their possible assistance in installing their equipment.

3. December 17, 20.:.
Dear Mr Brown,

Many thanks for your fax of 14 December 20.. from which we were pleased to learn about the activities of your Company.

As to the information concerning the offer for the equipment we would like to agree upon as follows:

1. Time of delivery - January 20..., installation - April 20... .


2. Transport agent - Green & Co.

3. We would like the Sellers to bear all the expenses on sending a spe­cialist to Moscow for the installation of the equipment and in this case we agree to a 5% discount on the prices.

4. Payment by a L/ С which is to be opened within 5 banking days upon the Sellers' notification of the readiness of the goods for shipment.

We hope you will accept the above and confirm your consent by fax.


Best regards,

to bear expenses on нести расходы notification of the readiness of the
no goods for shipment извещение о

consent n согласие готовности товара к отгрузке

Telephone Mr Brown to get his confirmation of the conditions you stated in your letter. Request him to speed up (ускорить) sending their re­ply by fax.

4. October 5, 20...

Dear Sirs,

With reference to the discussions we held in Moscow in September about possible sales of our furniture on your market I am now pleased to provide additional information on the subject in question.

We would be ready to give you the maximum discount of 5% per piece for a total of ten units which would make the selling price FOB ... $ ... . We believe this to be a competitive price for your market.

We are also prepared to install and display in your showroom two com­plete sets of our furniture as you requested. The sets can be dispatched to you any time you like and at our expense. This will be regarded as a gift to your company in view of our future cooperation.

We hope we can conclude our business successfully.

Yours faithfully,

the subject in question предмет, о regard v считать, рассматривать

котором идет речь gift п дар, подарок

showroom п демонстрационный зал in view of в виду

Hold the talks to finalize your order. Specify the delivery dates of the giftfurniture.


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