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A) Answer these questions.

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1.Why is transferof latest technology and know-how becoming in­creasingly popular? 2. Do you transferyour experience under licence agree­ments? 3. Is payment by telegraphic transferoften used in your con­tracts with the customer?

b) Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the word
in italics.

A. How much do you charge for the transfer of know-how?


Phrases from a business letter: have come into being in recent times It is our intention to establish the manufacture of... We are therefore interested in con­tacting ... with a view to choosing lines suit­able for us

В. At this stage I could give you only a rough idea. But what we can promise is to calculate all the expenses later.

Substitutions: latest technology; knowledge and experience; documents; rights

c) Translate into English.

1. В контракт была включена статья о передаче секретов произ­водства заказчику. 2. По соглашению права на использование лицен­зии не могут быть переданы третьей стороне. 3. Заказчик согласился произвести платеж аванса по телеграфу. 4. Текущие отчисления долж­ны быть переданы на счет лицензиара в банке заказчика.

to develop a process

a) Translate into Russian.

1. The customer is interested in obtaining a licence for processes de­veloped at our plants. 2. It is uneconomical for the customer to develop new manufacturing processes by his own means. 3. If the licensor modifies the process already developed he should inform his licensee of it.

b) Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phrase
in italics.

A. You have developed a new process to make medical equipment.
Could you sell us a licence for this?

B. That's a good idea and very economical in terms of money. But are
the necessary materials available?

Substitutions: pipes of a wide diameter; synthetic rubber; spares for cars

c) Translate into English.

1. Заказчик начал разрабатывать полезные ископаемые с помощью российских специалистов. 2. Это предложение было развито на следую­щих переговорах. 3. Производственный процесс, разработанный вами, не устраивает лицензиата. 4. Заказчику выгоднее купить лицензию, чем разрабатывать самому производство новой продукции.

to keep up

a) Translate into Russian.

1. The customer is trying to keep up the quality of licensed product by training his people at modern plants. 2. We kept up the talks and settled all outstanding questions. 3. In order to keep up your English do a lot of read­ing. 4. If the weather keeps up we shall have some outdoor games.

b) Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phrase
in italics.

A. You know we've been having difficulty with the manufacturing proc­

B. What's the problem?

A. Raw materials have been delayed. Anyway we managed to keep up the production level.

Substitutions: necessary drawings; deliveries of non-standard equipment; entry visas for your expert

c) Translate into English.

1. За последнее время цены на этот вид сырья не снижаются. 2. Ли­цензиат поддерживает переписку с российской стороной, сообщая о качестве выпускаемой продукции. 3. Все поддержали беседу. 4. Не бро­сайте изучение английского языка. 5. Будем надеяться, что погода не изменится.

VII. Compare the style of these phrases.

Phrases from a business talk: have appeared lately

We are going to start the produc­tion of... We would like to get in touch with

and we would like to choose suit­able lines


to manufacture the above equip- to make the equipment we're dis- ment cussing is willing to transfer it...

is ready (would like) to transfer it

VIII. Fill in articles or possessive pronouns wherever necessary. Discuss the letter. May 10, 20... Dear Sirs, We thank you for your letter advising us of... technical characteristics of ... equipment produced under ... licence. We have to admit that ... slight deterioration in ... quality has indeed been registered in some of the machines manufactured lately. Judging from ... investigations carried out by ... own experts two main causes of malfunction of... equipment could be considered: a) natural wear of ... processing equipment and machine-tools with ... help of which ... licensed product is manufactured; b) deterioration of ... professional skills of ... workers who do ... most responsible job on ... line.

to this end...

raw materials are fully available in

this country in the volume required for the

manufacture of the equipment We look forward to hearing from

you soon your letter inquiring about (re­questing about) ... The letter arrived at a very op­portune moment with regard to (concerning) ... as soon as we are in possession of

the details ... we shall forward to you ... but our understanding is ... will suit your purpose best of all we are giving your enquiry priority

to do that...

we have all the necessary raw ma­terials

and the quantity should be enough to make the equipment

We hope to hear from you soon

your letter where you ask about...

The letter came at a very suitable

moment about... as soon as we have the details ...

we shall send you ... the way we understand it... will be quite suitable for you your enquiry comes first with us

But we are happy to inform you that at present we have worked out ... measures to streamline the situation and eliminate ... above shortcomings.

We feel that most drastic ones are: replacement of... processing equip­ment and upgrading ... personnel skills.

With this in view we would like ... group of 8 people to be sent to ... Russian enterprise under... vocational training scheme agreed between us in advance.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Yours faithfully,

deterioration n ухудшение (ка­чества) malfunction n неисправная работа processing equipment технологи­ческое оборудование

drastic а решительный streamline v выправить, сделать

более эффективным upgrading п повышение квалифи­кации

IX. Read the article and discuss the problem raised in it.

Franchising is a business system in which a company or the franchisor sells an individual or a business entity, in this case the franchisee, the right to operate a business using the franchisor's established system.

The franchisee can use the franchisor's trademarks, brandnames, repu­tation, expertise, experience and services for a fee stipulated in a Franchise agreement.

At the beginning of their partnership the franchisee pays an initial fran­chise fee and then agrees to pay a management services fee, or royalties, which are usually a percentage of the annual turnover. Sometimes the Franchisee contributes to the franchisor's advertising and marketing costs.

As trade barriers disappear in Europe and free market economies are getting established in Eastern European countries and Russia, massive crossborder franchising is predicted. For big companies who want to ex­pand into foreign markets setting a franchise is the safest and most profit­able way.

For local companies or entrepreneurs a franchise agreement is a shortcut to becoming a business owner. Foreign companies need local companies who know local market conditions, and they know what is best for their countries.

The range of franchise opportunities is numerous. Retail sales through franchised outlets, fast food industry have become success stories of pro-


retail outletмагазин розничной торговли master licence agreementмоно­польное, мастерское соглашение a short cutболее короткий и эф­фективный путь

fitable business. Names like McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut are known to everyone. Practically any kind of service can be expanded through mas­ter licences of franchising.

(business) entityюридическое


initial franchise feeпервоначаль­ный взнос

annual turnoverторговый оборот за год

entrepreneur [,эп1гэргэ'пз:] п пред-приниматель

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