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Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phrase in italics.

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  2. Act out the flashes of conversation using the substitutions for the word and phrase in italics.
  3. Complete the sentences using can or (be) able to. Use can if possible; otherwise use (be) able to.
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  6. I. The following thoughts passed through the minds of two negotiators during a negotiation. Use the words and phrases in brackets to reproduce what they actually said.

A. Can you let us have information on the local market?

B. Certainly. You can count onus in this matter.

Substitutions: progress of construction work; situation on the market; progress of the publicity campaign; tenders invited in your country; prices on the local market

to forward toAnswer these questions.

1. Does your company forwardyour tenders tothe tender committees or do your agents do it? 2. What advertising materials do principals for­ward toagents? 3. Does your company forwardany advertising films or working models toyour agents?

VII. Compare the style of these phrases.

Phrases from a business letter: Phrases from a business talk:

We owe your name and address to We've got your name and address

from ...
May we bring to your notice ... We'd like to tell you that...

It has come to our knowledge ... We've learnt that...

We are of the opinion that... We believe that ...

You may be interested to know that You may like to know that ...

If such lines of cooperation are of If you find the cooperation at-
interest to you ... tractive (interesting) ...

Upon receipt of your favourable re- As soon as we get your favourable
ply... reply...

Please be advised that... . We'd like to tell you that...

VIII. Fill in articles or possessive pronouns wherever necessary. Discuss
the letter.

May 15,20... Dear Sirs,

In reply to ... letter of 23rd April we are writing to tell you that we are leady to start negotiating ... agency agreement with you on obtaining ... Drders for us for rendering assistance in ... construction of various industrial projects in ... . We should like to re-state that... execution of... survey and jpesign works, and deliveries of... equipment are ... main lines of our busi­ness. We therefore expect you to keep us regularly informed of... market conditions, ... current prices and ... tenders invited in ... country.

Moreover we kindly ask you to give us all the necessary assistance in ... fulfillment of... obligations under all Contracts, concluded through you. It is understood that ... obligations as ... agents will also include ... supervi­sion for ... unloading and ... transportation of ... equipment and materials from ... port under turn-key contracts if any.

If you find ... suggested lines of... cooperation of interest to you we would be pleased to see ... representatives in Moscow in ... near future. We are looking forward to ... favourable reply.

Yours faithfully,

IX. Fill in prepositions wherever necessary. Discuss the letter.

1st August, 20... Dear Sirs,

We have pleasure ... informing you that we are doing our best to suc­cessfully obtain orders ... the delivery ... your goods .... our country. We have started a publicity campaign advertising your goods ... the press. We have also negotiated the demonstration ... advertising films ... several cen­tral cinemas.

We should also like you to note that we ... our expense have opened a showroom where we are going to show the working model... the equipment which you sent... us as part of your publicity expenses.

We are also preparing our advertising materials.

Meanwhile please be advised that some ... our expenses may be charged ... your account, though we believe that we shall easily come ... terms ... your contribution ... this matter.


Besides, it has come to our knowledge that the Ministry... Irrigation has announced an invitation... tenders... the construction ... a powersta­tion. Perhaps you wouldlike to participate ... the Tender as it is part... your export line. You may be surethat we... our part will do our best to obtain Tender Documents... you ... delay.

Yours faithfully,

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