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A) Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phrase in italics.

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  1. Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phrase in italics.
  2. Act out the flashes of conversation using the substitutions for the word and phrase in italics.
  3. Complete the sentences using can or (be) able to. Use can if possible; otherwise use (be) able to.
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  6. I. The following thoughts passed through the minds of two negotiators during a negotiation. Use the words and phrases in brackets to reproduce what they actually said.

A. You see, Mr P., your price doesn't seem reasonable.

В. We'll look into the matter again and see what we can do. Substitutions: the equipment cost; your decision; the delivery period; your time limits; manufacturing time; calculation; installation schedule; the total cost

b) Complete the sentences using "to look into the matter".

1. We can't ignore your reasons, so we'll... 2. We hope the discussion will be resumed after you... 3. We really can't afford such periods of deliv­ery, that's why... 4. We decided to meet your request after... 5. We find your equipment cost unreasonably high and...

to resume

a) Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phras in italics.

A. I think we'll have to look into the matter again.

B. If you don't object we can resume our talks on the manufacturin,

A. No objections.

Substitutions: equipment cost; alterations in the DPR; export opportunities technological characteristics; delivery period; design and survey; amoun of the construction work; delivery schedule; installation schedule

b) Translate the sentences using "to resume" and the speech patterns or p. 86.

I. В принципе мы согласны с вашим предложением, но я предлагаю возобновить переговоры через неделю. 2. Мы находим условия вполне приемлемыми, но окончательно решим этот вопрос, когда возобновим переговоры. 3. Мы хотели бы продолжить нашу беседу и получить не­которые разъяснения по этому пункту (контракта). 4. Не понимаю, по­чему мы не можем продолжить обсуждение графика поставок сегодня. 5. Думаю, нам придется еще раз заняться этим вопросом и продолжить переговоры. 6. Мы готовы возобновить переговоры в удобное для вас время. 7. Не стоит беспокоиться. Как только будут готовы конкурент­ные материалы, мы вернемся к этому вопросу.

to afford smth. to do smth

a) Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phrase
in italics.

A. In your place I'd go and see the exhibition of modern electronic
It would be very helpful, I'm sure.

B. I would but I really can't afford It now (doing it now). I'm so busy.
I'll do it later.

Substitutions: our new equipment in operation; the sophisticated equipment on display; our power equipment on display; how our machine-tools are tested; vizit the manufacturing works; the film about the heavy and over­sized equipment

b) Answer the questions.

1. Can you always afford to meet the customer's request and reduce the price? 2. Can all your customers afford payment in hard currency? 3. Why can't some customers afford to pay in cash? 4. Can your custom­ers afford long delivery periods?

to enable smb to do smth

Translate into English.

1. Мы посмотрели ваш конкуретный материал, и это дало нам воз­можность сравнить наши цены с ценами конкурентов. 2. Приезд вашего представителя в Москву даст нам возможность прийти к соглашению по всем нерешенным вопросам. 3. Ваше согласие сократить сроки по­ставок дало бы нам возможность построить объект в ... году. 4. Если мы придем к соглашению по вопросу цены, это даст нам возможность на­чать переговоры по другим условиям контракта. 5. Мы просим вас при­слать ответ на настоящее письмо без задержки. Это даст нам возмож­ность ускорить решение некоторых вопросов.

VII. Compare the style of these phrases.

Phrases from a business letter: the manufacturers concerned We are pleased to inform you...

Phrases from a business talk:

the manufacturers who produce... Could we tell you...


We feel that the following should be We'd like to tell you this.

brought to your notice,

they have given their consent to... they have agreed to...

You will understand. I'm sure you understand.

We would therefore ask you... That's why we are asking you...

arrange for your vendors' engineers ask your vendors' engineers to do.

to do...

We should like to make it clear ... Could we point out...

It is understood... It's clear...

The customer will be informed in We'll let you know (that) be
advance. forehand.

VIII. Fill in articles or possessive pronouns wherever necessary. Discuss the letters.

1. October 28, 20...

Dear Sirs,

We are greatly surprised at ... letter of 5th October, informing us that you will not be able to manufacture Hydraulic Brake Type LS-60 specified in ... DPR.

You will remember that during... division of supplies you agreed to make ... equipment at... local plants. You assured us that... Brake would be ready by ... beginning of installation work.

About four months have already passed since ... last meeting but no in­formation about ... state of affairs has yet arrived. Now in ... letter you are asking us to place an order with ... plants.

We have thoroughly studied ... request and have to bring to ... notice that at present we cannot arrange for manufacture and delivery of... Brake; you require.

As you are well aware ... equipment is rather complicated and it would take us ... long time to get it manufactured. That may cause ... long delay in ... installation.

We certainly could procure ... equipment from ... but we think it would

speed up ... matter if you could get in touch with firm ... Ltd. directly

and bring up ... matter of... delivery of... non-standard equipment.

We hope you will inform us of... results of your approach to ... above firm as soon as you come to any agreement on the matter.

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