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Supplier: Let's go over the remaining points, shall we? It's the advancepayment now. Any objections?

Customer: No objections at all. And we are sorry to say that we find it a bit high.

S. Now, Mr M., 25 per cent is a fair sum, all things considered.

C. We know the amount of the work you are going to do, and we're not quite sure this sum is justified. Do you think you could explain this, Mr. A.?

S. Yes, I think I must explain. The advance will cover the expenses of our design organizations and the contractual expenses.

C. Will that come to 25 per cent of the contract value?

S. Very close to it. Besides, we agreed that the customer would come to Russia in the course of the work, and visit our designers in St.Petersburg as well. Transport, hotel accommodation and other things will be cov­ered by the Russian party, too. Anyway in view of our further business I think we can go down by 5 per cent. What do you say to that?

C. All right, Mr A. We'll agree to this. I think this point is covered. The terms of payment are quite acceptable. As to our obligations, we shall observe the provision of the (draft) contract to consider the DPR within 45 days.

S. Fine. It is certainly very important. We both know very well that a delay in consideration and approval of the DPR will cause a delay in the prepa­ration of the working drawings.

С We'll do our best.

S. Very good.

all things considered зд. учитывая observe v соблюдать

все обстоятельства cause [ko:z] v приводить к чему-л.

justified оправданный

XIII.Give extensive answers to these questions. Use the following expres­sions to start your answer.

as far as I know; the way I see it; it's a well-known fact; though I can't say for sure I think ... ; I may be wrong but I think ... ; I know for a fact that ... ; I'm sorry I don't know much about it

1. In what case is a technical proposal made? 2. What is a feasibility study? Who is it normally elaborated by? What does it contain? 3. How long does it normally take to elaborate a feasibility study? 4. What kind of docu­ment is a design assignment? Who prepares it? 5. What does design docu­mentation contain? 6. Who collects initial data for carrying out a DPR? How is it done? 7. What information does the customer submit on the site recom-


mended by the supplier? 8. Whobears responsibility for the correctness of initial data? 9. Who works out and approves a DPR? 10. In what way can the supplier prove competitiveness of his materials (with regard to amount of work, time limits, cost)? 11. Are working drawings normally prepared along with the DPR or after its approval? 12. What are the time limits for the elaboration of a DPR and preparation of working drawings? What do they depend on? 13. How are payments for designing made?

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