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Article 20 — Invoicing — Payments

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  4. I. Read and translate the article.
  5. II. Read the first paragraph of the article and make questions for these answers.
  6. III. Read the article more carefully. Choose the best answer, a, b or c.

20.1.A. Each Member shall send his invoices to the Project Manager for

the account of the Consortium; the Project Manager shall invoice the Customer in the name of the Consortium. B. Each Member shall send his invoices directly to the Customer; he shall send a copy to the Project Manager.

20.2.If the payments are made to the Project Manager, he shall, immedi­
ately upon receipt, pay out to the Members all payments received
from the Customer in respect of the goods and services supplied by

Article 21 — Insurance

21.1. Following the agreement of the Members' Meeting, the Project Man­ager shall take out on behalf of the Consortium a joint policy to cover such risks as the Consortium may think it necessary to cover. Unless there is a decision to the contrary by the Members' Meeting, each Member shall pay that part of the premiums which corresponds to his share of the work.

Article 22 — Liability towards the Customer

22; 1. The Members are jointly and severally liable towards the Customer.

Article 24 — Liability of the Project Manager

24.1. The Project Manager shall indemnify the Members against any loss or damage suffered by them as a result of his faulty management.

A. up to the amount of... % of his total remuneration (i.e. the price
of his contribution to the work plus his management fee).

B. up to ... % of the fee payable to him.

If the claims of the Members exceed the limitation of liability of the Project Manager, the balance shall be apportioned between them pro­rata.

Article 26 — Expulsion of a Member

26.1. Where a Member suspends payment, or files a petition in bankruptcy, such Member may be expelled from the Consortium by decision of the other Members taken in the Members' Meeting.

26.2. The same shall apply in the case of a Member who commits a gross breach of his obligations and fails to make good his breach within a reasonable time after written notice thereof.

Article 27Law Applicable

27.1. This Agreement shall be governed by the law of...............

to impose a duty ввести пошлину, обложить пошлиной sublet v передать в субаренду, суб­подряд premium п страховая премия indemnify v возмещать убыток, ком­пенсировать remuneration л вознаграждение pro-rata пропорционально breach of obligations нарушение обязательств

specimen agreement образец согла­шения

legal а юридический

duration n зд. срок действия

by virtue of в силу

competence n компетенция

to convene a meeting созывать со­брание

without prejudice to smth без ущерба чему-л.

entrust v поручать

collate v сличать; зд. сводить вместе, собирать

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