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Article 4 — Meetings

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  4. I. Read and translate the article.
  5. II. Read the first paragraph of the article and make questions for these answers.
  6. III. Read the article more carefully. Choose the best answer, a, b or c.


The Members' Meetings decide all questions of policy and questions not reserved by this Agreement for the Project Manager's decision. Convening of Members' Meeting

4.2.1. A Members' Meeting shall be convened by the Project Man­
ager whenever necessary and in any case every.... (day,

month, quarter).

4.2.2. Upon the request of any Member, the Project Manager shall convene a Members' Meeting as soon as practicable.

4.2.3. The reason for convening the meeting shall be stated in the no­tice thereof.


4.3.1. A. Each Member has one vote.

B. The Members have the following number of votes:

(name).... votes

(name).... votes

4.3.2. A. All decisions shall be unanimously adopted by the Members.
B. Without prejudice to provisions to the contrary expressly

contained in this Agreement, all decisions shall be passed by a majority of... (e.g. 2/3 of the Members/ Members present).


Minutes shall be kept of the decisions of the Members' Meeting.

Article 5 — Project Management

The management of the Consortium is entrusted to... (name) herein­after called the "Project Manager".

The Project Manager shall carry out the decisions of the Members' Meetings and shall represent the Consortium in its relations with par-

ties outside the Consortium, including in particular its relations with the Customer. 5.3. The Project Manager shall take all necessary measures to enable the Consortium to obtain and properly perform the Contract. 5.3.1. He is entrusted:

• with carrying on all negotiations before and after the conclu-

sion of the Contract;

• with the commercial and technical management of the
project, and in particular with overall planning and techni­
cal coordination;

• with the establishment and coordination of a planned
programme of work within the Consortium, in agreement
with the Contractor.

Article 6 — Project Manager's Fee

6.1. The Members shall pay to the Project Manager... % of the price of the goods and services respectively supplied by them as a fee for the per­formance of his obligations. The price shall be computed free of all taxes and dues and of any incidental costs devolving upon the goods and services supplied.

6.2. The Project Manager's fee shall become payable on...

Article 7 — Comprehensive Tender

7. 1. The Project Manager shall collate the individual offers sent to him by the Members. He shall collate them into a comprehensive tender. This comprehensive tender shall be submitted to the Members' Meeting which must approve it unanimously before it is submitted to the Cus­tomer.

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