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To ensure

a) Answer these questions.

1. What measures are taken to ensure safe transportation of cargo?

2. What cargo handling facilities are used to ensure quick unloading?

3. What steps are taken by the supplier toensure quick transportation of oversized and heavy equipment from the port? 4. What does the supplier do to ensure normal operation of the equipment during the guarantee period?

b) Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phrase
in italics.

A. There's another matter I'd like to bring up, Mr.... What kind of pack­
ing would you like us to use?

B. We expect you to use seaworthy packing toensure safe transpor­

A. All right.

Substitutions: wooden boxes; seaproof packing; polythene ['pnliGirn] sacks (полиэтиленовые мешки); packing which can withstand rough handling; export packing

VII.Compare the style of these phrases.

Phrases from a business letter: Phrases from a business talk:

We have pleasure in enclosing a We are glad to enclose our quo-
quotation for ... tation for ...

Our offer is made subject to our We are making our offer on our
standard terms and conditions standard terms and conditions

of sale. of sale.

Should you require further de- If you want any other details ...
tails ...

It will be a pleasure to give you We'll be glad to answer you right
an immediate reply, away.

We are in a position to supply ... We can supply ...

We are obliged to you. We thank you very much.

On receiving the goods ... After we have received the

goods ...

We require spare parts for ur- We need spare parts as soon as
gent delivery. you can deliver them.


VIII. Fill in prepositions or adverbs wherever necessary. Discuss the let­

20th September, 20... Dear Sirs,

... reference ... the previous contracts concluded ... your organization we wish to inform you that we require spare parts ... our Atomic Power station ... urgent delivery.

We would like the spare parts to be delivered free ... rail Russia's border. The date ... the stamp ... the border railway authorities ... the waybill should be considered the date ... delivery.

The equipment should be insured ... transportation risks. The ownership and responsibility ... all risks ... loss or damage will pass ... the Supplier ... the Customer ... the moment... transfer ... the goods ... the railway ... Rus­sia ... the ... railways.

When packing, please, take ... account that the boxes are likely to re­ceive rough handling and must be able to withstand inland transportation and transhipment.

We indicate ... the attached list full details ... packing and marking. They must be strictly observed.

Prices are quoted free ... rail Russia's border.

Payments ... the equipment to be supplied should be effected ... accor­dance ... the Trade and Payment Agreement ... force.

Please let us know by return post whether you are ... a position to supply us ... the above stated spare parts ... immediate shipment quoting your low­est prices and best terms.

Yours faithfully,

stamp n штамп rough [глГ| handling небрежное об-
waybill n железнодорожная наклад- ращение

ная marking п маркировка
ownership п зд. право собственности

IX. Fill in articles wherever necessary. Discuss the letter.

2nd April, 20... Dear Sirs,

Referring to ... enquiry of... 10 March 20... and to ... recent discussions with ... experts in Moscow, we are prepared to supply ... equipment and

materials required. Our prices are free on ... truck of Sovtransavto. Total price is... .

Payment for ... delivered equipment and materials will be effected in En­glish Pounds Sterling in ... following way:

100 per cent of... total value of... delivered goods will be paid within 30 days of receipt by ... Vnesheconombank of... Russia, Moscow, of... ship­ping documents.

... goods will be shipped in export seapacking suitable for ... type of... goods to be delivered. ... packing is to protect... goods against any damage or corrosion during transportation.

... Supplier will issue ... detailed packing list for each case.... contents of ... case,... number of... packed articles,... type of model, ...Works number, ... corresponding number of... item of... specification,... net and gross weight and ... Contract number are to be indicated in ... packing list. One copy of... packing list in ... waterproof envelope should be packed in the appropriate case together with ... equipment.

All other terms and conditions are stated in ... offer enclosed.

We look forward with interest to ... reply.

Yours faithfully,

free on truck франко борт грузового waterproof envelope непромока-

автомобиля емый конверт

net and gross weight вес нетто и брутто

X. Read these letters and do the assignments given below each of them.

1. November 1,20...

Dear Sirs,

Re: Our Order No. ...

We have duly received the documents and took the consignment of goods
delivered under Contract No.........

We are much obliged to you for the prompt execution of our order. Ev­erything appears to be correct and in good condition except the tubes which arrived damaged.

On receiving the goods in ... our experts examined them and came to the conclusion that the damage had occurred due to insufficient packing.

To prove our statement we attach a Report of our experts showing the breakage and photos of the damaged tubes.


As we need the tubes urgently, we have to ask you to arrange for the dispatch of replacements at once.

We look forward to your dealing with this question without delay.

Yours faithfully,

everything appears to be correct ка- tube n трубка жется, что все в порядке

Hold the talks along these lines.

Promise the customer to deliver the tubes, but say that it will be done at the customer's expense and explain why. Specify the terms and the dates of delivery.

2. July 10, 20...

Dear Sirs,

With reference to your letter No.... dated ... we wish to give some clari­fications about the delay in discharge of the m/v ... .

We appreciate your concern but the delay was entirely due to reasons beyond our control and we cannot be held responsible for it.

The delay was caused by the defective shipboard handling gear both in No. 1 and No. 2 hatches.

Furthermore the situation was aggravated by the concentration of heavy lifts in these two hatches. Due to the nature of some packages and the low draught of the vessel we had to rent a floating crane to speed up the dis­charge from these hatches.

Besides in spite of our repeated requests the shipping documents for the cargo came late and we could not start the discharge immediately upon the vessel's berthing.

We assure you that we have done all we could to discharge the vessel in time and hope that you will find our explanation satisfactory.

Yours faithfully,

reason beyond one's control при-aggravate ['aegreveit] v ухудшать, усу-

чина, не зависящая от кого-л. гублять, усиливать

heavy lift тяжеловесный груз hatch [haetf] п люк

defective shipboard handling gear draught |dra:ft] n осадка судна
неисправное набортное погрузоч-
но-разгрузочное устройство

Hold the talks along these lines.

Explain to the shipping agency's representative that the delay in dis­charge is causing you losses, press him to pay demurrage.

3. January 25, 20...
Dear Sirs,

We have to inform you that on receiving your notification of the vessel's arrival the Port authorities as well as our Corporation took all necessary measures to discharge the vessel without delay, i. e. the loading trucks and shipping facilities were made available.

You will remember that it was agreed that you would make the vessel ready for berthing at 14.00 on 22nd January 20... .

But in spite of all the above mentioned arrangements the vessel's au­thorities refused to berth because of weather conditions.

This delay is causing us great inconvenience as both the trucks and the shipping facilities were made available only for one day.

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that we cannot be responsible for any further delays and difficulties which may arise in dis­charging the vessel.

May we also point out that we hold you responsible for all expenses in­curred by our Corporation.

We hope you will give this matter your immediate attention.

i Yours faithfully,

cause great inconvenience причинять большие неприятности Hold the talks along these lines.

Discuss the situation with the customer, propose a way out.

4. October 22, 20...
Dear Sirs,

Our order No. ...

On arrival of the m/v ... at the port of... the ship's agents noticed that case No. ... was damaged, and informed us accordingly. We therefore had the case opened and examined.

The number of articles in the case is correct according to the packing list but some articles are broken. A list of the broken articles is attached hereto.


We enclose copies of the report of the examination showing that the damage was noticed when the case was unloaded at... .

As you hold the policy we shall be much obliged if you will take the mat­
ter up with your insurance agents on our behalf; the number of the insur­
ance certificate is, as you know, No.........

In the meantime we shall be glad if you will send us replacements for the broken articles, as we need them urgently.

We await your reply in due course.

Yours faithfully,

to hold a policyиметь страховой on smb's behalfпо поручению кого-л. полис

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