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Site Services

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Living Accommodation

The Purchaser will not provide any housing accommodation for the Contractor's expatriate or locally recruited staff and the Contractor shall himself include such accommodation as may be necessary, including proper sanitary arrangements.


In view of the remoteness of the Site the Contractor may have to under­take the procurement and transport of essential foodstuffs and their sale on the Site.

2.17. Medical Cate

All medical services at Site shall be provided by the Contractor. Medical facilities will not be provided at the Site by the Purchaser, and the Contrac­tor will be required to make his own arrangements for these services as may be required for his expatriate or locally engaged staff.

2.27. Access to and Possession of the Site

Access to and possession of the Site shall be afforded to the Contractor by the Purchaser in reasonable time.

2.29. Engineer's Supervision

After the tender has been accepted by the Purchaser, all instructions and orders to the Contractor shall, except as herein otherwise provided, be given by the Engineer.

2.40. Rejection

If at any time before the Works are taken over the Purchaser shall decide that any work done or Plant supplied or materials used by the Contractor or any Sub-Contractor is or are defective or not in accordance with the Con­tract or that the Works or any portion thereof are defective or do not fulfil the requirements of the Contract then the Contractor shall with all speed and at his own expense make good the defects so specified.

2.41.Progress Reports and Meetings

After approval of the programme of work the Contractor shall submit to the Engineer at monthly intervals written detailed progress reports in tripli-

cate in an approved form, indicating the stage reached in the design, order­ing of materials, manufacture, delivery and erection of all components of plant. These reports shall be despatched so that on receipt by the Engineer the information contained therein is not more than 7 days out of date.

2.43. Notice of Tests at Site

The Contractor shall give to the Purchaser in writing fourteen (14) days' notice of the date after which he will be ready to make the Acceptance Tests. Unless otherwise agreed, the tests shall take place within ten (10) days after the said date on such day or days as the Engineer shall in writing notify the Contractor. If the Engineer fails to appoint a time after having been asked so to do, or to attend at any time or place duly appointed for making the said tests the Contractor shall be entitled to proceed in his absence, and the said tests shall be deemed to have been made in the presence of the Engineer.

2.46. Extension of Time for Completion

If, by reason of any industrial dispute or any cause beyond the reason­able control of the Contractor, the Contractor shall have been delayed or impeded in the completion of the Works, whether such delay or impediment occur before or after the time, if any, or extended time fixed for completion, provided that the Contractor shall without delay have given to the Engineer notice in writing of his claim for an extension of time, the Engineer shall on receipt of such notice and upon negotiation grant the Contractor from time to time in writing either prospectively or retrospectively such extension of the time fixed by the Contract for the completion of the Works as may be reasonable.

2.51. Maintenance Guarantee Period

The Contractor shall be responsible for making good with all possible speed any defects arising from defective design (other than a design made, furnished or specified by the Engineer and for which the Contractor has dis­claimed responsibility in writing within a reasonable time after the receipt of the Engineer's instructions), materials or workmanship or from any act or omission of the Contractor that may develop under the conditions pro­vided for by the Contract and under proper use in the Works or any portion thereof for a cumulative running period on commercial production to six thousand (6,000) working hours after the Works or that portion thereof, as the case may be, have or has been taken over.


expatriate staff иностранный пер­сонал to make good возмещать industrial dispute трудовой кон­фликт impede v препятствовать purchaser n покупатель

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