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Vocational Training of the Customers' (Buyers') Trainees



Sending specialists (experts) to foreign countries is part of economic cooperation world-wide.

Russian experts are generally sent to developing countries to give assis­tance to their customers in the construction, modernization and extension of different projects.

Their assistance, among other things, covers collection of initial data, installation of the equipment and its adjustment.

They also provide designer's supervision, guarantee maintenance of the equipment delivered and repair of equipment if necessary.1

Along with the above services Russian experts provide training programmes for the Customer's local specialists. Training is carried out at industrial enterprises, offices and research institutes.


Now, based on the letters and dialogues below we can get an idea of the terms and conditions on which we send our specialists to different countries to give technical assistance and receive the Customer's specialists for train­ing.


10th May, 20...

Dear Sirs,

Subject:2 Construction of the N ... Cement Plant

We should like to refer to the recent discussions we had with your Mr M. relating to the possibility of sending your specialists to render technical as­sistance in the construction of the N ... Cement Plant. We hope the discus sions we had were most interesting for both sides. We would request youi

specialists to collect the initial data, to carry out the designer's supervision, installation and adjustment and to put the equipment into operation.

If you could agree to do the above work would you send your reply in­forming us3 of the number of specialists, their specialities and the approxi­mate period of stay as well as conditions under which the specialists will work.

We are looking forward to receiving your reply.

Yours faithfully,


One of the letters of the company ... was as follows:

June 20, 20... Dear Sirs,

With reference to your letter of... and in confirmation of our conversa­tion with your Mr С we would like to advise you that we appreciate your interest and are prepared to send highly qualified specialists within 3 months of the date of signing the relevant contract. You will find a list of specialists and their specialities attached hereto.4

We should like you to note that the conditions on which we are sending our specialists are as follows:

1. The Customer at his own expense will provide the specialists during
their stay in ... with:

a) adequately furnished offices and living accommodation with air con­ditioners and refrigerators;

b) transport facilities for business trips;

2. The Customer will reimburse the Supplier ... for the following expens­

a) monthly salaries of the specialists and also paid leave;

b) air travel expenses for the specialists and their families (dependents), tourist (economy) class from Moscow to ... and back;

c) transportation of... kgs of personal luggage per person over and above the free allowance indicated on each ticket;

d) round travel expenses of specialists going on home leave;

e) insurance of the specialists in Russia against professional risks and accidents during their stay in ... .


3. Adequate medical service including hospitalization, if necessary, will be covered by insurance.

4. Payment will be made in accordance with the existing Trade and Pay­ment Agreement between ... and ... . The Customer will undertake to open an irrevocable confirmed and divisible Letter of Credit valid until the Con­tract has been executed and for the amount shown in the Contract. Pay­ment will be effected quarterly against invoices drawn up by the Supplier.

All the other terms and conditions will be stated in our Draft Contract. Your early reply would be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Encl. A list of specialists to be sent to ... .


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