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Define the type of the business letters. Translate them into Russian.

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I Variant

Read and translate the letter of order

Mancini Kitchen Equipment

Troy D. Mancini

4220 Straford Park
Harold, KY 41635

Dear Mr. Mancini,

We would like to purchase twenty two (22) individual stand mixers (Model #43423), all in the color red.

We would like you to charge this purchase to the preexisting account that we have with you, business account #543234.

We hope to receive this order no later than Friday, November 11th, 2009. Attached to this letter please find our preferred shipping method and receiving address.

Please confirm that you received this order by calling us at 232-231-4563 anytime during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Thank you for your cooperation

Sincerely yours,

Henry Reynard

Keller Kitchen Co.

Find the answers to the following questions in the letter.

1. Who is placing the order?

2. What kind of goods is he ordering?

3. How many items does he order?

4. What are the terms of payment / delivery?

5. What does he ask the supplier to do to confirm the order?


All the parts are mixed up in this letter. Rewrite the letter in the correct order. Translate it into Russian.

Attention: Mr N. Conshiwan Yours sincerely Please send us your latest catalogue with sizes and colours of female and male national clothes of Thailand. Re: Enquiry for National Dresses We are opening a shop of national Asian dresses and fabrics in one of our hotels. International Trading Company Bangkok   3 August, 2009   Thailand Dear Mr N. Conshiwan P. Morgan Manager Your Ref: Our Ref: PM/ ma   Intercontinental Hotel Group Telephone: 487-6591 Telex: 79356 inho Telefax: (039) 3673

Look at the envelope. Match the figures with the information they mean.

(1)Mediquip Ltd Richmond Surrey (2) SU9 1JK (3) UK (4) Krankenhaustechnik GmbH (5) Düsseldorfer Str. 90 (6) 45145 Essen Germany

a) the country the letter comes from

b) the sender’s name

c) the ZIP Code in the mailing address

d) the ZIP Code in the return address

e) the addressee

f) the street name in the mailing address


Define the type of the business letters. Translate them into Russian.

Letter A

Thank you for your fax dated 13 May concerning your order for five of our drills.

We must apologise for the delay in shipping this order. This was due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we are dealing with your order now and it will be sent without further delay.

Letter B

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your letter of the 1st of March, and have pleasure in enclosing our catalogues. We shall be happy to execute your orders on our usual terms – 2,5% at one month, or 3,5% for prompt cash, and trust this may be the beginning of a long and mutually profitable cooperation between us.

We like to help our customers in every way possible and hope you will not hesitate to write to us whenever we can be of use.

Yours faithfully,


Letter C

Thank you for your delivery of men’s silk shirts, which we ordered on 21 March. At the same time we would like to draw your attention to the following.

After examination of the shirts we discovered some manufacturing defects:

- there are oil stains on 12 shirts;

- the colour of buttons of 5 shirts does not match the colour of these shirts;

- one shirt is in a different style.


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