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Business Meeting

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Blake: Good morning, Mr. Smirnov.

Smirnov: Good morning, Mr. Blake. I haven't seen you for ages. How are you?

Blake: I haven't been very well lately, you know. I've caught a cold.

Smirnov: I'm sorry to hear that. I do hope you get well again soon. How long have you been here, Mr. Blake?

Blake: Since Monday.

Smirnov: Where are you staying?

Blake: We're staying at the Rossia Hotel. We're very comfortable there.

Smirnov: How long are you going to stay here?

Blake: It will depend on our talks. Mr. Smirnov, I think we can get down to business. We've studied your offer and your draft contract for the delivery of complete equipment very carefully.

Smirnov: What do you think of it?

Blake: Theequipment suits us, we need it very much. We are ready to place a big order.

Smirnov: Glad to hear that, Mr. Blake.

Blake: But we'd like to clear up several points first.

Smirnov: Well, what shall we take up?

Blake: You see, Mr. Smirnov, your prices are too high, I'm afraid. Can you reduce them?

Smirnov: I don't think we can. Our equipment is in great demand. We've sold the equipment at these prices to many customers this year.

Blake: We know that the world prices have recently gone up. But still your prices are too high.

Smirnov: Well, Mr. Blake, we'll think it over and see what we can do.

Blake: Thank you, Mr. Smirnov. We've done business with you for more than 10 years and I hope you'll meet our request.


III. Act out the dialogues on the basis of the following assignments:

1) Meet Mr. Blake in your office and speak about packing of goods.

2) You visit Mr. Hill's office and discuss the terms of payment and delivery.

3) Meet Mr. Green and express your opinion on the quality of his company goods.


? Writing Practice



I. Read and translate the models:


(Order. Acknowledgement)

Для того, чтобы сделать заказ (to place an order) на закупку тех или иных товаров обычно заполняют специальные бланки заказов (order forms), в которых указывается количество (quantity) изделий, их описание (description), цена (price), условия оплаты (terms of payment), дата поставки (date of delivery), скидки (discounts) и т.п. В ряде случаев, когда необходимо прояснить отдельные пункты заказа (to make certain points quite clear), пишется сопроводительное письмо (cover letter), к которому прилагается бланк заказа.

Если Продавец (Seller) или Поставщик (Supplier) товара в состоянии выполнить заказ, он посылает Покупателю (Buyer) подтверждение заказа (order acknowledgement, or confirmation), которое чаще всего представляет собой копию заказа (order copy, or duplicate), подписанную Продавцом. Обычно подтверждение заказа прилагается к сопроводительному письму, в котором Продавец выражает благодарность за заказ, а также сообщает Покупателю о тех или иных изменениях (изменении цен, сроков поставки и т.п.).

Если Продавец либо Поставщик товара по каким-либо причинам не в состоянии выполнить заказ, он либо отказывается от заказа (to refuse(to reject, to decline) the order), либо предлагает адекватную замену (substitute) товару, которого нет в наличии.

Model № 1

Men's Clothes Dealers Ltd. 142 South Road Sheffield S20 4HL England 24th March, 1997 Dear Sirs, Our Order for Silk Shirts In response to your letter of 17th March, we thank you for sending us your catalogues of men's silk shirts. We are sure there will be a great demand for them in Ukraine. We are enclosing our Order No. 144, and would ask you to return its duplicate to us, duly signed, as an acknowledge­ment.   Yours faithfully, Vladimyr Smurov Export-Import Manager Enc.OrderNo.l42


Model № 2


ORDER No. 142 (please refer to this number on all correspondence)
Men's Clothes Dealers Ltd. 142 South Road Sheffield S20 4HL England 24th March, 1997
Please supply 400 men's silk shirts in the colours and sizes (collar) specified below:
Size Colour Quantity
Price: Delivery: Payment: Packing: $10.53 each (total — $4212) air freight, CIF Kiev by letter of credit standard
  p.p. Chief Buyer
  Vysteria Ltd.
Please send us the copy of this order, duly signed, as an acknowledgement.



Model № 3

(Sample of Acknowledgement)


Vysteria Ltd. P.O.Box 82 Kiev 253206 Ukraine 28th March, 1997 Ref: Order # 142 of 24th March, 1997 Dear Sirs, Thank you for your letter of 24th March, 1997. We are pleased to acknowledge your order for 400 men's silk shirts and enclose the copy of it, duly signed, as requested. Delivery will be made immediately on opening a letter of cred­it with our bank for the amount of $4212. We hope our shirts will be in great demand in Ukraine and you will be able to place large orders with us in the future.   Yours faithfully, Alfred Smithers Sales Manager

II. Make up an order in accordance with the models.


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