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Business letter № 4

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Прочитайте деловые письма, переведите их на русский язык в письменной форме.

Business letter № 1.


Dear Mr. Pigeons

I would like to ароlogize for approaching you so late. I am namely very much interested in your scientific conference but unfortunately I could not notify you earlier as I was away on a long-term business trip to India I hope you will find it possible to include me in the list of conference guests. I would be grateful to take an opportunity to make a report, relating to important problem. But I would like to get some information about the time limits and volume of report. Also I would ask you to provide me with accommodation during my stay in Alexandria If there are any difficulties with accommodation, I could try and find something myself. I have a poster about some new trends in trade applied successfully in India


Yours sincerely,

Bob Brown

Business letter №2


Dear Sirs,

During our visit to the Brussels Universal and International Exhibition we were very impressed by Russia Pavilion and had an opportunity' of seeing the various machine-tools exhibited there. We examined with interest your Machine, Model LP-87 and consider that there will be a good demand for this machine in the UK We are members of the British Association of Machine Tool Merchants and have many contacts with the users of this type of machine.

We should therefore be grateful to you if you could send us a detailed quotation together with booklets fully describing the machine. Please state in your quotation what time of delivery' you could guarantee and what resale discount you could grant.

We look forward with interest to receiving your answer.

Yours faithfully,

Business letter №3

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing to let you know that I shall be visiting Britain during the coming month.

I am sure you are aware that our Institute is one of the four Russian institutes designated to provide specialist training for talented engineers -programmers. I am sending information about my institute, and we would like to know more about your firm

I will arrive in London on Monday 2 December and spend five days there.

The reason for my writing is to express a wish to spear to you while I am in London. I hope it will be convenient to visit your office at a mutually convenient moment Today I do not have the precise details of my visit, but I will let you have this as soon as possible.

I do hope we shall meet shortly.

Yours sincerely

Alexsander Petrov

Sales Manager

Business letter № 4


Dear Sirs,

On the 15th September we found it necessary to apply a 10 per cent advance to our list prices. This advance was due to the rise in prices of raw materials and other increased charges.

As we find now the increase in production costs has not been so high as we had at first expected, we are pleased to advise you that the 10 % advance will be reduced to 2,5 % forthwith.

In connection with the above, we refer to our tender of the 1st November for the devices and hope that you will be able to give us your order which will have our most careful attention.

Yours faithfully,

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