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III. Translate from Russian into English, using the vocabulary from the text.

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1. Я знаю хороший ресторан недалеко от нашего офиса, куда ты можешь пригласить своего гостя на бизнес-ланч. 2. В этом кафе вы можете прилично поесть по разумной цене. 3. У меня никогда нет времени на обед, я всегда ем на бегу. 4. В Москве сейчас много ресторанов, которые хранят традиции русской кухни. 5. В каждом ресторане есть свое фирменное блюдо. 6. В Москве есть также много ресторанов, которые специализируются на какой – либо национальной кухне. 7. Народы Индокитая используют вместо соли соевый соус. 8. Невозможно описать все многообразие национальных блюд разных стран.

IV. Read the text B and retell it in Past Simple.

Text B. At the College Canteen

I spend a lot of time at the college that is why it's necessary to have a snack time there. During the break I go to have lunch to our college canteen. It's always full of people at this time. I go to the service counter and line up. There is self-service at our canteen. Sometimes it takes quite a lot of time to stand in the line and I have to gulp my lunch in five minutes.

The choice of dishes in our canteen is rather rich, the quality of food is good and the prices are reasonable.

To begin with, I usually have some salad — tomato and cucumber salad or mixed salad. For the first course I have soup — fresh cabbage shchee, solyanka, pea soup or maybe some fish soup for a change. For the main course I have meat or chicken dishes, for example steak, meatballs or roast chicken with spaghetti or potatoes (mashed or fried). I prefer meat to fish but I eat fish from time to time too. For dessert I E usually have fruit juice or a cup of tea with a bun or a slice of cake. I take [them from the counter, put on my tray and go to the cashier's desk to pay the money. Then I take a seat at any vacant table.

Besides the kitchen staff and the cashier two or three students on duty help to clear the plates and cups off the tables and to keep order in the canteen.

V. Read and translate the following dialogues.

Eating out

Ann: Hello!

John: Hi! How are you?

Ann: Ok! Thank you. And you?

John: Not bad, thanks.

Ann: I’ve had a long day and I’m too tired to cook.

John: Me too! Let’s go out.

Ann: How about Chinese food? I know a nice restaurant not far from our place.

John: Well, but I don’t really like Chinese food.

Ann: I know! Let’s go to Maxim’s.

John: It’s too expensive. What about pizza?

Ann: That sounds good, but McDonalds is closer.

John: You’re right. It’s cheaper too.

At the Self-service Cafe

- Do we help ourselves?

- Sure, it's self-service here.

- What would you recommend?

- Have you ever tried...? It's particularly good here.

- All right. I'll try that.

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