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B) Translate into English.

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  1. Complete this memo with the words given below. Translate it into Russian.
  2. Define the type of the business letters. Translate them into Russian.
  3. I. Read and translate the article.
  4. I. Read the Text A and translate it.
  5. III. Translate from Russian into English, using the vocabulary from the text.
  6. IV. Give Russian equivalents to the following words and word combinations. Find and translate sentences with them in the text.

1. Все трудности, возникшие в период поставки товара, были устра­нены. 2. Все споры, возникшие в ходе выполнения контракта, были уре­гулированы дружеским путем. 3. Из-за чего возник спор? 4. По­вреждение товара возникло из-за небрежного обращения с ним. 5. За­казчик понес серьезные убытки, возникшие в связи с задержкой пуска завода в эксплуатацию.

c) Act out this flash of conversation making the substitutions for the word
in italics.

A. How did the trouble arise?

B. Well, as it turned out the machine arrived defective and we over­
looked it.

A. Shall we sustain losses?

B. I don't think so. We'll repair it ourselves, that'll speed things all

Substitutions: the part; the shaft (вал); the replaced part; the spare part

short-shipment; short delivery; short shipped/delivered a) Answer these questions.

1. Short-shipment (delivery) is a common cause for claims, isn't it? Is it the case with your office too? 2. Who is usually responsible for short delivery? Can it happen through an oversight? 3. Do your customers claim compensation for short delivery? 4. Does the contract penalty clause cover short-shipment too? In what way?


b) Translate into English.

1. Трудности возникли в связи с недопоставкой двух станков; кроме того, один станок прибыл в поврежденном состоянии. 2. Как вы решите вопрос с недопоставкой товара? 3. Вам придется платить компенсацию за недопоставленные компьютеры; заказчик несет убытки. 4. Недо­поставка материалов вызвала простой в работе. Нам придется потре­бовать уплаты штрафа.

to be (feel) entitled to

a) Answer these questions.

1. In what cases are you entitled to compensation? 2. When do you feel entitled to an extension of contract (prolongation of delivery dates, work)? 3. What is your customer entitled to if the equipment is damaged (late, missing, short-shipped, has manufacturing defects)? 4. What are you entitled to if the buyer infringes some of the contractual obligations (fails to effect payments in time)?

b) Act out this flash of conversation making the substitutions for the word
and phrase in italics.

A. We'll have to claim penalties from you for delays in commissioning.

B. I don't think you're entitled to it. True, we had to suspend work for
four months but that was the result of force-majeure circumstances.

A. Things are not as simple as that.

B. If that's what you think let's look into the matter thoroughly.

Substitutions: damages; compensation; a huge amount; retention money; adequate sums; the fire; the earthquake; the flood; the general strike; the hostilities in the area

the firm damage, injuries during the worker the accident for us losses, delays in deliv- our office ery?

to compensate smb for smth; compensation for a) Make up sentences using the words from the table.

1. The firm compensated

2. When will you com­pensate

b) Act out this flash of conversation making the substitutions for the
phrase in italics.

A. Is everything О. K. now?

B. Not quite. We are still claiming compensation for the down time.

Substitutions: failure to provide the construction materials; lack of data; inadequate accommodation

c) Translate into English.

1. Оборудование не было повреждено в пути, поэтому вы не имеете права на компенсацию. 2. Мы оставим у себя товар в качестве ком­пенсации за понесенные нами потери. 3. Вам придется компенсировать нам расходы, возникшие в связи с устранением производственных де­фектов. 4. Данная сумма является компенсацией наших потерь из-за плохого качества товара.

VII. Compare the style of these phrases.

Phrases from a business letter: the dissatisfied party complaints arise from... if the latter fails to meet the contractual dates dates for having the project ready for commercial operation on checking the goods received which caused us considerable in­convenience in view of the bad need for the goods we feel entitled to claim damages

Phrases from a business talk:

the people (person) who are (is) un­happy (about smth)

there are complaints because...

if the contractor does not meet

the dates of the contract

when the project should be ready for commercial operation

when we checked the goods which arrived

we had a difficult time

as we need the goods badly we understand that we have a right to damages

VIII. Fill in prepositions or adverbs wherever necessary. Discuss the letter.

May 22, 20... Dear Sirs,

We are writing... reply... your letter... May 19... claiming... us... connection... a delay... commissioning the plant.


Since you are claiming penalties... the delay... the fixed rates we feel obliged to bring... your notice some... the important contractual provisions which have full bearing on the situation.

1.... the Contract you were expected to provide the construction site... one month... signing the Contract. That, however, was delayed... two months which was fully your responsibility causing later start... the con­struction work.... September, 20... we wrote to the effect indicating that we were entitled... an extension... the Contract... the period involved.

2. Another delay... two months arose... your failure to accommodate our erection engineers... full conformity... Article 12... the Contract. This, according... you, occurred... an oversight.. your housing manager who was responsible... renting appropriate lodgings. The matter was brought... for discussion... negotiations, when we emphasized our right... an exten­sion, and was minuted down accordingly.

We feel certain that you will take... account the above and reconsider your position.... our part we find the claim totally unjustified and would request you to withdraw it... delay.

Yours faithfully,

to have full bearing on иметь непо- lodgings жилье

средственное отношение к to minute down запротоколировать

to the effect по данному вопросу

IX. Fill in articles or possessive pronouns wherever necessary. Discuss the letter.

December 2, 20... Dear Sirs,

We have received... letter of November 24, 20... from which we are sur­prised to learn of... claim in connection with... delay in delivering tools for... plant. In... letter you write that you feel entitled to claim damages at... rate of 0.5% of... cost of... equipment in question per... month of delay.

We have considered... claim and cannot admit it as justified for... rea­sons you will find stated below.

While discussing division of supplies at... early stage of business we found you unwilling to accept delivery of the tools from our company. You, let us know at that time that... equipment was scheduled to be procured from a third party.

Under... para 4.54 of... Contract you were expected to let us have... additional initial data on... equipment in question within three months of... date of enquiry.... information however did not reach us until... end of July. It came with... month's delay and turned out to be incomplete through... oversight of... dispatch service. That caused... total delay of four months for which you cannot hold us responsible.

With reference to... Clause 12.5 of... Contract we request you to grant us... extension of... delivery dates meanwhile withdrawing... claim as en­tirely unsubstantiated.

We wish to maintain good business relations with you at all times.

Yours faithfully,

tools n pi инструменты dispatch service отдел отправки

equipment in question оборудование, документов о котором идет речь

X. Choose the correct word from those given in brackets.

1. The contractor... to pay agreed and liquidated damages because of delay in commissioning since the delay was caused by force majeure cir­cumstances, (to refuse, to decline) 2. When can a claim be...? (to refuse, to decline) 3.... me but could you tell me the way to Euston station? (to apolo­gize, to excuse) 4. No doubt you must... to him for your tactless behaviour, (to excuse, to apologize) 5. Owing to the..., the goods could not be in­stalled at once, (damage, damages, losses) 6. The... sustained by the buyer reached a considerable sum. (damage, damages, losses) 7. Since you have delayed opening a L/C we are entitled to claim... from you. (damage, da­mages, losses) 8. We always... our contractual obligations to the satisfac­tion of our customers, (to fulfil, to execute, to carry out) 9. The buyer... compensation for the losses sustained by his company, (to claim, to require, to demand) 10. The workers... that the company should increase their wages, (to claim, to demand, to require) 11. The supplier had to... extra storage expenses as the customer delayed opening a L/C. (to bear, to sustain) 12. The losses they... amounted to 3% of the contract price, (to bear, to sustain)


XI. Tanslate the following word combinations into English and make up sentences using them.

от оборудования, не соответствующего тех­
ническим требованиям
отказаться уплатить неустойку

от предложения от мысли убедить кого-л.







повышения ставок

компенсацию за убытки


свои услуги для участия в тендере услуги в качестве агентов принять меры для завершения проектных ра­бот в срок




документы на рассмотрение

фирму на выставке

себе последствия

нового работника конторы директору


дело в арбитраж

рабочие чертежи фирме


инструкции по перевозке негабаритного обо

рудования привет

поручение кому-л. новости кому-л.

XII. Read these letters and do the assignments given below each of them.

1. May 28, 20...

Dear Sirs,

With reference to your letter No.... of May 20, 20... we should like to bring to your notice that we have thoroughly investigated the position with the Manufacturers.

It has become clear that all the parts which you consider short-shipped were delivered by the plants in strict conformity with the technical specifi­cations. We believe it would be wise to trace the parts in question since they might have been packed in other cases. If you are unable to find the parts we request you to forward your information indicating the description of the parts, drawing No., quantity, etc.

As regards the damaged parts we believe that the damage may have occurred in transit or during unloading at... port. In view of this we suggest you apply to the insurance company to cover the losses sustained.

Yours faithfully,

trace v проследить (ход оборудова- wise а разумный ния, документа и т. д.)

Hold the talks along these lines.

After tracing the parts the buyer still finds some of them missing. Come to terms with him about the replacement.

2. October 10, 20...
Dear Sirs,

Kindly find enclosed 2 copies of our claim made in connection with short­shipment of parts for Machine-tools Model M-9 delivered under Contract No....

You will remember that in view of the urgent need for the parts we have informed you several times that unless the parts are delivered soon we shall have to get them elsewhere. Since you failed to deliver the equipment in question we, in order to fulfil the production programme, had to obtain the necessary parts from indigenous sources and hence the supply of the short-shipped parts has now become unnecessary.


In this connection you are requested to send us your approval for our deducting the amount of... (the estimated value of the obtained parts) from the sums due to you under our contract.

We hope you will be agreeable to the solution and we shall settle our claim in an amicable way.

Yours faithfully,

indigenous а местный to be agreeable to соглашаться на

Hold the talks along these tines.

On behalf of the seller... explain the reason for the delay in delivery of the parts, and request the buyer to accept the parts as they have already been dispached. Come to terms about the expenses involved.

3. April 15, 20...

Dear Sirs,

We are sorry to have to complain about the short-shipment of parts for
Time Relays delivered by you last year under Contract No..........

Knowing how careful you are in executing our contract we decided not to open intact cases and not to check their contents on their arrival at the client's site.

Unfortunately when we started erecting the Time Relays we found that cases 20 and 21, outwardly in sound condition, contained only half the parts entered on the packing lists and also on the invoice.

We know that under our contract we have the right to make claims in connection with short delivery within 9 months of the date of delivery of respective consignment.

However, in this particular case, we ask you to look into the matter and consider our complaint. We shall be obliged to you if you will arrange for speedy delivery of the missing parts.

Yours faithfully,

intact а целый, неповрежденный in sound condition в хорошем co-

contents n содержимое (ящика) стоянии

Hold the talks along these lines.

Explain to your buyer your opinion on the matter. Discuss in particular the point of sending replacement.

4. June 2, 20...

Dear Sirs,

We have given careful attention to your letter of May 20, 20... claiming penalties from us for the delay in commissioning the Plant.

A thorough study of the situation gives ample ground to regard your claim as fully unjustified for various reasons.

As early as in August, 20... we informed you of a forced delay in our placing orders for the equipment as a result of your failure to make advance payment in the stipulated time. You will remember that the advance pay­ment was two months overdue.

In the course of contract execution serious difficulties arose resulting from your infringing the contractual obligations on several occasions. The settlement for workers was not ready to accommodate our people on the fixed dates. A substantial part of the equipment and materials delivered was delayed at the port of destination while we were waiting for your assistance in customs clearance. That added up to another four months.

Regardless of the above, the commissioning date is only three months overdue and the project is ready for acceptance tests. We would therefore appreciate it if you would withdraw the claim upon consideration of the mat­ter.

Yours faithfully,

to give ample ground давать полные regardless of несмотря на основания

Hold the talks along these lines.

On the grounds of the reasons of the letter prove to the customer that it is you who are entitled to compensation. Come to terms about the matter.

XIII. Write replies to Letters 2 and 3 of Ex. XII in the form of e-mail mes­sages.


XIV. Study the translation difficulties. Translate Into English. Translation difficulties:

1. Поставщик не несет ответственности за повреждение товара, воз­никшее в связи с недосмотром при транспортировке его на завод. 2. Мы вынуждены предъявить вам претензию в связи с невыполнением вами условий контракта в отношении статей 10 и 15 контракта. 3. Мы не мо­жем признать вашу претензию обоснованной и предлагаем обсудить

в отношении предоставления... обсудить создавшееся положение полученное оборудование просрочка вами в выплате... задержка со сдачей нами в экс­плуатацию... ваше требование об уплате... не по нашей вине не в... банке, а в... банке в связи с чем произошла задер­жка нами приняты необходимые меры по завершению...

задержкой в открытии вами... аккредитив должен был быть

открыт... аргументированный ответ если вы не откроете аккредитив подчеркивалась необходимость

иметь исходные данные

прибывшие исходные данные

что вызывает определенные труд­ности ожидая погрузки небольшая задержка

with regard to providing... to discuss the situation the equipment received your delay in payment... our delay in commissioning...

your claim to pay...

through no fault of ours

in the... bank instead of the... bank

which caused the delay

we have taken the necessary steps (measures, action) to complete

your delay in opening...

the L/C was to be (to have been)

opened... substantiated reply unless you open a L/C

1) the necessity to have the initial data was stressed

2) it was stressed that it was ne­cessary to have the initial data

the initial data submitted (pre­sented, received)

which is causing (certain) dif­ficulties

expecting to be shipped

short delay

создавшееся положение в любое удобное для вас время. 4. Вы не приня­ли должных мер, чтобы обеспечить своевременную таможенную очист­ку полученного товара, в связи с чем мы имеем право потребовать ком­пенсацию за понесенные убытки. 5. Заказчик требует компенсации за задержку ввода в эксплуатацию основного цеха завода. 6. Инженеры заверили заказчика, что поставщик сделает все возможное для устра­нения за свой счет заводских дефектов, обнаруженных во время повтор­ных испытаний полученного оборудования. 7. Мы вынуждены напом­нить вам, что въездные визы были получены с двухмесячным опоздани­ем и специалисты не смогли выполнить работу в соответствии с графи­ком. 8. Прилагаем к письму документы, свидетельствующие о просроч­ке вами в выплате авансового платежа. 9. Покупатель отказывается пол­ностью оплатить счет до выяснения положения с недопоставкой това­ра. 10. Вам следует предъявить претензию транспортному агентству.

1. 7 февраля, 20... г.

Уважаемые господа!

В ответ на Вашу претензию от... о недопоставке пиломатериалов в последней партии по контракту №... сообщаем, что мы тщательно изу­чили сложившуюся ситуацию и проверили все документы (коносамент, отгрузочную спецификацию и сертификат качества).

К сожалению, в последнее время наши заводы не производят пило­материалы указанного качества, поэтому мы вынуждены будем вернуть Вам стоимость недопоставленного товара.

Сумма в размере... будет переведена на Ваш счет в ближайшее время.

С уважением, пиломатериалы plywood п

2. 22 ноября, 20... г.

Уважаемые господа!

Мы получили Ваше письмо от 10 ноября, в котором Вы отказывае­тесь уплатить нам согласованные и заранее оцененные убытки в сумме... в связи с задержкой в поставке оборудования по контракту № 30/086.

В Вашем письме Вы указываете, что часть оборудования была по­ставлена Вами 10 июня, т.е. в срок, оговоренный в контракте, и что пункт о санкциях не имеет силы в отношении этих товаров.


Однако мы Вам уже сообщали в нашем письме от 10 сентября, что указанная часть оборудования не могла быть использована нашими кли­ентами ввиду недопоставки других частей, необходимых для работы всей установки. Поэтому, мы считаем, что Вы должны компенсировать убыт­ки, которые наши клиенты несут по Вашей вине.

Поскольку Вы отказываетесь признать нашу претензию обосно­ванной, мы вынуждены передать наш спор на разрешение арбитраж­ного суда в соответствии с § 17 общих условий запродажи.

С уважением,

3. 2 апреля, 20... г.

Уважаемые господа!

Мы весьма обеспокоены задержкой в открытии Вами аккредитива по нашему контракту №....

В связи с этим мы хотим напомнить Вам, что в соответствии с усло­виями контракта Заказчик должен открыть аккредитив в течение 30 дней с даты подписания, т. е. аккредитив должен был быть открыт два меся­ца тому назад.

Мы неоднократно писали Вам, что сложившаяся ситуация причиняет нам значительные неудобства, а именно, мы несем большие расходы, связанные со складированием товара в порту.

В связи с тем, что мы не получили от Вас аргументированных отве­тов на наши многочисленные напоминания открыть аккредитив, мы вынуждены потребовать уплаты неустойки в оговоренном в контракте размере.

Более того, если Вы не откроете аккредитив в течение 15 дней с даты настоящего письма, мы будем вынуждены реализовать предназначенный Вам товар, и в этом случае мы не будем считать себя ответственными за соблюдение сроков поставки, предусмотренных контрактом.

Расходы по складированию будут отнесены на Ваш счет.

Обращаем внимание на то, что по контракту мы имеем право требо­вать от Вас компенсации наших расходов по складированию товара в


С уважением,

реализовать товар to sell the аргументированный ответ substan-

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