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Active vocabulary

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I. What’s the best way to the post office? (Use the map for orientation.)

1. Excuse me, where is the post office, please?

2__________________________at the next corner.

3. Then _______until you come to the traffic lights.


5. The post office is ________________the cinema.

II. Fill in the words below correctly. (Use the map for orientation.)

continue, end, excuse, get, left (2 x), next, opposite, right, second, straight on, thank, turn, welcome

1_____me, how do I ______to the cinema?

2. Go______________________________

3. Turn __________________at the corner.

4. Then take the _____road on your______

5________to the ___________of the road.

6__________________________left there.

7. The cinema is on your___, ___the castle.

8_____________________you very much.

9. You’re___________________________

III. Look at the map and do the following exercises.

Define if the sentences are true (T) or false (F). Correct the false ones

1. The jewelry store is behind the Italian restaurant

The bar is on Second Avenue

The police station is on the left from Fire Department

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