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1. Listen to the Human Recourse manager speaking about what to include in a resume. Check ü the items that should be included and mark with a û those that should not.

q address

q age

q all your education

q consenting references

q e-mail experience

q interests

q marital status

q religion

q volunteer work

In pairs, take turns summarizing the advice offered in the previous exercise. Use expressions from the box.

You have to … It is advisable to… You shouldn’t … We advise you to… Your resume should be… Make sure you… You should … You do not have to …


Read this extract from an advertisement for a job at a large banking organisation. Then read through the two resumes and decide which applicant is better suited for the job.

Responsibilities: Work as a part of a team to ta Ø ke ownership of all HR functions within a bank including staff development, training and all issues concerning staff welfare. Ø Maintain all staff documents including contracts, leave and sick benefits. Participate in internal and external recruitment procedures.


Applicant 1 Qualifications: 1982-1984 Community College Diploma in business On-the-job short courses in various aspects of HR and computer programmes Experience: 1996-2006 Rights General trading Human Resource manager Ø Responsibility for all HR staff management Ø Recruitment supervisor Ø Adviser on all staff development issues 1984-96 RFC Food Co. Human Resources Support Assistant Ø Recruitment Ø Employee contracts Ø Organisation of staff PD Applicant 2 Qualifications: 2003-05 University of Birmingham M.A. in Human Resources Management 2000-03 University of Cincinnati B.A. Business Administration – special focus on finance   Experience: 2005-06 More Mortgages Co. Assistant in HR Department (temporary) Ø Preparing documents and maintaining files on all applicants Ø Sending letters of invitation to interview to short-listed applicants 2003-05 Library Support Ø Afternoon duties at circulation desk Ø Organising books on shelves

From In Company Intermediate


I. Listen to two people from the Human Recourse Department discussing the two applicants. Check ü the positive points for each applicant.

Applicant 1 Applicant 2
overall qualifications    
specific courses    
years of experience    
range of responsibilities    
experience related to finance    
team player    


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