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I. You have received the following note from your boss. Write an email to the travel agency requesting information for his trip.

Lesson 2. Consultants. Making suggestions

Warm up

I. Read the quote and say: if there is any truth in it; how important the role of a consultant in business is.

“Consultants are people who borrow your watch and tell you what time it is, and then walk off with the watch.”

Robert Townsend

II. Would you like to be a consultant? Why? / Why not?

Active vocabulary

Companies use consultants for many reasons. Match the sentence halves to discover a few of them.

Consultants are not involved fresh ideas to the company.
Consultants have experience of specialist knowledge.
Consultants bring in internal company politics.
Consultants can be used things realistically and objectively.
Consultants have working with other companies.
Consultants see quickly and efficiently.
Consultants work by management to take the criticism foe unpopular decisions.

Note: two verbs that are often used for making suggestions or proposals are suggest and recommend. Look at the following examples:

We recommend changing the dates.

We recommend that you change the name.

We suggest using the Internet.

We suggest that you use the Internet.

Other expressions:

How about changing your job?

Have you considered changing your job?

What if you change / changed your job?

We'd like to propose that you invest €9,000.

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