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II. Now look more closely at the typical sequence of conversation.

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  1. A. Look more closely through the first part and decide which of the following statements renders the main idea of the given part.
  2. The rules of the sequence of tenses
  3. V. Use the words in the box below to complete the conversation.
1) opening question Is this your first trip to …? How was your trip?
2) immediate answer   Yes, it is. Fine, thanks.
3) follow-up question   Are you staying long? Business or pleasure?  
4) immediate answer   No. Business. Note: these answers are not helpful in finding a common interest. You need to make additional comment.
5) additional comment But hopefully not my last. Unfortunately only a couple of weeks. Business, I’m afraid. My company is setting up an office here in Tokyo.  
6) next question   Have you found time to see much? Really, where is your company based?
7) establishing topic of common interest   Are you interested in gardens? Oh, I visited Detroit a couple of years ago. That’s (What) a coincidence. My wife is in fashion too.

Lexical exercises

I. Complete the introductions according to the phrases from Active Vocabulary:

1. Peter King introduces himself to Jack Simpson:

PK Hello,… My name’s Peter King.

JS …, I’m Jack Simpson.


2. Philip introduces Sarah to James:

S Philip, I … here. You’ll have to ….

P Of …, I’ll … to James. He’s an old friend of mine. James, … Sarah, she’s just joined the company.

J …, Sarah. Where do you come from?


3. Rod Burton introduces Pete Taylor to an important customer:

P Rod, I … Mr. Rogers, the Purchasing Manager from Kentons.

R I’m …. Come and meet him. Mr. Rogers, Pete Taylor, our Export Sales Manager.

Mr.R …. What countries do you cover?


4. Klaus Fischer introduces himself to an American visitor:

KF How …? My …..

AV ….. …. George Cole.

II. This dialogue is in the wrong order. Rearrange it to make a natural flow of conversation.

· Really? What did you expect? ()

· No, I’ve been to the States before, but this is the first time in Atlanta. ()

· So, what do you think of Atlanta? ()

· Fine, I’ll see what I can arrange. ()

· Well, it’s not what I expected. ()

· There is a part like that. You must let me show you around. ()

· Well, I suppose I thought it would be more traditional. ()

· That would be interesting. ()

· Is this your first trip over here? ()

Pair work

Engage your partner in conversation. Try to establish a common interest – e.g. a place, a hobby, a job, family, etc.


I. Listen to the conversation between two people meeting at a conference, and complete the table below.

  Speaker 1 Speaker 2

II. Look at the extracts from the conversation. Complete them with the useful phrases for meeting people for the first time.

1. Nice_____________________________. I’m Sofia Platini from Milan.

2. Pleased___________________________, Sofia.

3. Is this your_________________________ to London?

4. It’s the second time_____________________________, actually.

5. What________________________________ Fernando?

6. _________________________________ your flight, Sofia?

7. Fine, no problems. ______________________________?


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