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Reading. Read the sentences below

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Read the sentences below. Fill in «Do» or «Don’t» to make useful advice for a job-hunter. Explain your reasons.

DOs and Don’ts For Job Seekers

… stress your qualification for the job opening

… mention any experience you have which is relevant to the job

… talk and think as far as possible about the future rather than the past.

... escape testing.

... arrive a little late.

... behave as a «know it all».

... write incorrect information about yourself to look better.

... approach the employer with respectful dignity.

… indicate where possible your stability, attendance record and good safety experience

… assume an air of confidence

… be one of those who can do everything

… hedge in answering questions

… hang around, prolonging interview, when it should be over

… arrive late and breathless for an interview

… isolate yourself from contacts that might help you find a job

… make claims if you cannot “deliver” on the job

… try to be optimistic in your attitude

… try to overcome nervousness and shortness of breath

… learn ahead of time about the company and its product

… apply for a job in person

… answer questions honestly

… have a good resume

… know the importance of getting along with people

… recognize your limitations

… make plenty of applications

… indicate your flexibility and readiness to learn

… keep stressing your need for a job

… discuss past experience which has no application to the job situation

… apologize for your age

… be untidy in appearance

… beg for consideration

… mumble or speak with a muffled voice

… write incorrect information on your CV to make it look better

... pay little attention to your own appearance.

... show yourself one who can do everything.

... speak in a low voice.

... think a lot before answering a question.

Reading comprehension

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