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Listening. I. Listen to an interview with Ian MiddleHurst, who runs a small business selling fish, meat, and other produce just outside Manchester

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I. Listen to an interview with Ian MiddleHurst, who runs a small business selling fish, meat, and other produce just outside Manchester, England

1. Listen to the interview and put the following events in the order (1-5) that they happened.

a…………Ian’s uncle retired.

b…………His father was made redundant.

c…………Another fish shop opened down the road.

d…………His father and uncle bought the shop.

e………….His father only looked after the fish.

Write down where Ian sources the following food products.

1. Most of the fish.___________

2. Tuna and swordfish.________

3. Rabbits and pigeons.________

4. Venison and chicken._______

Look at the sentence below about shop and mark them true (T) or false (F).

1. Staff at the shop will cook seafood for the customers.________

2. The shop will lend customers equipment for cooking.________

3. The new supermarket was a disaster for Ian’s business._______

4. The staff will cook food for customers based on recipes they bring to the shop._____

5. The shop delivers fresh produce to customers._____

6. Over the years the shop has improved by installing air-conditioning._____

7. The shop only uses special advertising at Christmas._____

4. Listen and tick (√) the ways that customers hear about the shop.

· TV adverts

· Adverts in magazines

· Cooking and food websites

· Posters

· Door-to-door mailings

· Word of mouth


Which cuisine is the best in the world? Surf the Internet. Rank the following cuisines in order of preference and explain your choice. Russian, Mexican, Georgian, English, French, German, American, Chinese, Italian, Indian. Choose any cuisine. Make presentations.

Project work

You work for a company that imports food products and you are looking to add a new product to your range. You have information on two potential products from another company. Make your own individual specific unusual product which will be very popular.

1. Olivada, from Spain, is a paste made from black olives. It can be eaten as a snack with toast and bread. The olives are picked by hand and then pressed and mixed with a delicious blend of oil and herbs. So far it has been well accepted all over the Mediterranean region, but in the rest of Europe sales have been slow. We predict the product will be successful in the USA and Latin America.

2. Casa de mi abuela, from Mexico, is a range of ready-to-eat spicy sauces. It is perfect as a TV snack with potato or corn chips, or with raw vegetables. Only the finest chillies, peppers, and onions are selected. These are then cooked in oil and immediately preserved. This is a new product so no sales figures are available, but we expect that this product will be popular worldwide.

  Product 1 Product 2
where/sell?(up now)      
where/sell(up future)      

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