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I. Choose the right word

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  3. III. Read the article more carefully. Choose the best answer, a, b or c.
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  6. V. Match the phrases on the left with their definitions on the right.
fast food cookbook recipe dish menu take-away bill ingredients service wait person tip dessert bar lounge restaurant order

I really hate … I prefer to go to a good …that serves everything, including the…, using the best …Sometimes, I like to …something that I have tried at home. First, I look up the …in the …and then I cook the... Next, I go to the restaurant, and when the …comes to my table I ask for the …and order what I have already cooked at home! Sometimes, I like to go out for a…. You can have a drink in either a …or a…, which are usually nicer. At the end of the evening, it's time to ask for the …and, usually, if the …has been good, it's a good idea to leave a 15%-20% ….

II. Match the verb and its meaning

1. bake a) cook over water
2. boil b) cook in a pan with some oil or fat
3. fry c) cook with a strong direct heat over or under the food
4. grill d) cook in the oven but with no extra oil or fat
5. roast e) cook in a pan with very hot water
6. steam d) cook in the oven with some extra oil or fat

III. Match the two halves of the sentences

1. The beef is served with boiled or a) bread
2. I'd like some bacon and a fried b) egg for breakfast
3. The cheese salad comes with freshly baked c) steamed
4. If you don't mind, I prefer my vegetables d) seafood
5. That grilled e) roast potatoes
6. My favourite paella is a mixture of rice and f) fish was delicious

IV. Choose the appropriate verb

crisp grilled roasted chilled garnished crushed fried

1. If food or drink is…., it is made cold, usually by being placed in the fridge.

2. If food is…, it is cooked in oil, often in a flat pan.

3. If food or ice is…it is broken into very small pieces by being pressed.

4. If meat or poultry is…, it’s cooked inside an oven.

5. If food is…it is cooked under a source of heat or on a barbecue.

6. If food is….with something, for example herbs, it is decorated with them.

7. If pastry or vegetables are…, they are hard, dry and fresh.

V Describing food and drinks to someone who doesn’t know much about your local cuisine is not always an easy thing to do. Match each noun from the box with the groups of words below to form strong word pairs.

meat salad dish red wine food meal steak beer white wine vegetables

1. light heavy quick vegetarian

2. rich spicy plain fast

3. traditional unusual exotic local

4. roast stewed cold sliced

5. rare medium tough well-done

6. fresh frozen crisp seasonal

7. green chicken mixed fruity

8. light full bodied robust

9. dry medium sweet crisp

10. strong bottled export draught


I. Work in pairs and explain your partner how to cook these foods.

· a duck

· eggs

· a hamburger

· mushrooms

· potatoes

· a steak

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