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Warm up. I. Read the questionnaire and tick (√) the sentences which are true about you

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I. Read the questionnaire and tick (√) the sentences which are true about you. Discuss your answers.

II. Match the statements 1–6 with the responses a–f.

1. This website takes a long a. He is probably chatting online or surfing

time to download the Internet.

2. Would you like her mobile number? b. No, send it as an email attachment.

3. His line is still busy. ____ c. Hold on, I’ll put you through to her extension.

4. Your fax isn’t very clear___ d. Yes, there are too many images.

5. I’d like to speak to Sam, please___ e. Would you like me to send it again?

6. Shall I print this letter and post it? ___ f. Yes, please. I’ll send her a text message.

III. List the words and expressions in ex. I. connected with telephoning.

· the Internet

· email

· letters and faxes.

IV. Which ways of communicating do you use regularly?

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