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I. Active Vocabulary.

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Москва 2002


Part 1

Chapters (I-XI) pp.


I. Active Vocabulary.


- to pull oneself together (12)

- to get round sb (15)

- to count on sb (15)

- to resist a temptation (16)

- to be (un)faithful to sb (17)

- to reconcile oneself to (18)

- to reproach sb for sth (19)

- to stand by sb (21)

- a solicitor

- to despise (23)

- to stand for parliament (23)

- constituency (23)

- to conceal sth (24)

- to justify sb/sth

- to set one’s hopes on sb (25)

- to frustrate one’s hopes (25)

- to encourage


a) Find the sentences with these words and reproduce the situations.



II. Paraphrase:


1. … we’re in for it (p.12).

2. Do you feel up to going out (p.13)?

3. …there was no reason for her to put on airs (p.18).

4. My advice to you is to sit tight.

5. She nagged him without mercy (p. 23).

6. …money for odds and ends (p. 25).

7. … to whom small talk didn’t come easily (p. 25).

8. … she expected to make up for all the disappointments of her career (p. 26).

9. … who would jump at the chance (p. 27).

10. … to give Kitty a piece of her very unpleasant mind (p. 28).

11. … she got her off her hands.



III. Comment or explain:


1. How unfortunate to be called Dorothy! It dated you (p. 17).

2. … as the wife of the government bacteriologist she was of no particular consequence (p. 19).

3. From a social standpoint the man of science does not exist (p. 19).

4. … he was not such a fool as to put up the back of the Assistant Colonial Secretary (p. 20).

5. He had said that he would stand by her, and if the worst come to the worst…

6. It (photo) had been done when he took silk and it represented him in a wig and gown. (p. 22)

7. A bird in the hand was worth two in the bush (p.24).

8. Mrs. Garstin did not mince her words in the domestic circle and she warned her daughter that she would miss her market (p. 27).

9. Kitty spoke with her tongue in her cheek, … (p. 33)


IV. Questions and Topics for discussion.


1. Where is the scene laid?

2. Speak of Kitty and Charles’s reaction to the incident.

3. How did Kitty regard the situation she found herself in? How did Charles behave in the predicament? What did Kitty find attractive in Townsend?

4. Speak about Kitty’s social background.

a) Kitty’s mother

What kind of woman was Mrs. Garstin? What were her ambitions? Why did she set her hopes on her daughters? Why was her influence on Kitty so great?

b) Kitty’s father

Speak on Mr. Garstin’s character and his position in society. What were the relations between Mr. Garstin and his wife? What was Kitty’s attitude to her father? Why did he have so little influence?

5. Speak on Walter Fane, his character, his social standing, accomplishments. Where did Walter meet Kitty? What impression did she make on him? Did Walter judge Kitty accurately?

6. What motives made Kitty marry Walter? Was he a match for her? Why was their marriage a mistake? Who was to blame for it?

7. Does this mistake justify Kitty’s unfaithfulness?

8. Say what you think of faithfulness as a human value.


Part 2

Chapters XII-XXII (pp. 36 – 58)


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