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Grammar. 1) Образуйте Partisiple II (причастия прошедшего времени) от данных глаголов

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1) Образуйте Partisiple II (причастия прошедшего времени) от данных глаголов, переведите их на русский язык:

to wash, to dry, to salt, to cook, to fry, to boil, to roast, to stew, n, to bake, to smoke, to serve.

2) Переведите на английский язык словосочетания:

приготовленный завтрак, копченая колбаса, жареное мясо, кипяченое молоко, отварная говядина, сушеные фрукты, поданная еда, испеченный пирог, копченная осетрина, соленая рыба.

3) Поставьте глаголы в Past Simple:

1. I work at the restaurant. 2. My mother seldom cooks dinner. 3. They lelp their friends. 4. I often fry fish. 5. My grandmother dries apples summer. 6. He does shopping on Monday. 7. We have lunch at 12. 8. She tins meat herself. 9. I bake delicious apple pies. 10. They usually take a able by the window. 1 I.We order fish and chips in this snackbar. 12.He ;ats too much. 13. I drink a glass of juice every morning. 14. We buy jairy products every day. 15. This waiter serves this table. 16. lamina hurry.

4) Задайте к каждому предложению вопросы пяти типов:

1. He went shopping every Saturday. 2. They had a snack in a bar. 3. She paid for dinner herself. 4. I ate too much at breakfast. 5. Strawberry cost too expensive last summer.

5) Вставьте местоимение much (a lot of) или many (a lot of):

1. There are ... plates on the table. 2. Please don't put ... pepper on the meat. 3. I never eat... bread with soup. 4. Don't eat so ... ice cream. You can catch a cold. 5. ... of these students can speak English well. 6. Do you drink ... coffee? 7. How ... money have you got? 8. He hasn't got... friends. 9. Do you watch TV ... ? — No, not .... 10. There is ... food in the fridge. 11. They haven't got ... money, but they have got ... friends. 12. There was ... food at the party, but I didn't eat ....

6) Вставьте местоимения little, a little, few, a few:

1. He is very thin because he eats .... 2. It was dark and there were ... people in the park. 3. We have ... bread, so you needn't go to the shop. 4. I'm not happy here, I've got... friends. 5. They have ... money. They are poor. 6. Granny brought us ... nice toys and we were happy. 7. I have ... money, so we can go to the cinema. 8. Her wardrobe is not very rich, but she has got ... nice dresses.

7) Вставьте модальный глагол may или can:

1. Do you think you ... do that? 2. ... we come and see you tomorrow? 3. ... I use your pen? 4. ... I help you? 5. You ... take this book: I have already read it. 6. ... you tell me how to get to the supermarket? 7. ... I take the apple? 8. He ... swim well.

8) Вставьте модальный глагол may, must или need:

1. ... we do it all today? — No, you ... not, you ... do it tomorrow. 2. You ... come and see me any time you like. 3. ... we go home now, we have done everything? — Yes, you .... 4. ... you go right now? — No, I ... not. 5. ... I have the menu card? 6. They ... be at home in the evening. They have guests tonight. 7. You ... not go to the shop. We have a lot of food. 8. It is late. The children ... go to bed.

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