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II. Complete the text using the missing words.

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  1. A) Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phrase in italics.
  2. Act out the flash of conversation using the substitutions for the phrase in italics.
  3. Act out the flashes of conversation using the substitutions for the word and phrase in italics.
  4. Complete the collocates below by adding an appropriate noun. Some can combine with more than one noun.
  5. Complete the sentences using can or (be) able to. Use can if possible; otherwise use (be) able to.
  6. Complete this memo with the words given below. Translate it into Russian.
  7. I. Read the list of adjectives below and find the pairs of opposite words.
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I had a terrible evening. I got home late from work and still had a report to finish. As you know, my computer is really old and slow-I really need to install more (1) ________. Anyway, when I tried to double (2) ______on the file I wanted to work on a (3) _____appeared telling me that the file could not be opened. So I decided to try opening it using different programmes but that only made my computer (4) ____completely. The screen went blank and the (5) _____froze. By this time, I was tearing my hear out-it was past midnight and I still hadn’t started working on that report. I phoned my computer guru friend, Matt, and he told me I probably had a (6) ______in my system. I must have got it from one of those stupid joke e-male attachments-you know, like the “Love (7) ____’one. I had to resort to using my (8) ____but I hate the keyboard on it-it’s too small. At least I got my report finished. Matt’s going to send me some software to fix the problem. He also told me in future to go to the applications (9) ___and launch a good protection programme before opening unknown files. Good advice and better late than never, I suppose.

III. Read the dialogue “Web Talk” in pairs.

Sam: Hey Kira, how’s it going?

Kira: Busy! Yourself?

Sam: Not so bad. Have you checked your email lately?

Kira: No. Why?

Sam: I emailed you a page from Amazon.com. I was ordering a book on-line on business correspondence and they had a link to some other business books. I know you have been looking for something on charts and graphs, and I came across a few titles, so I emailed them to you.

Kira: Thanks a lot. I’ll check it out.

Sam: You know, I should be working, but it’s so easy to get carried away on the Web, I spend more time than on my work! Every morning, I check out the news, the weather report, new movies in town, and go to my favourite news groups. By then I need a coffee break.

Kira: Which usenet groups do you like?

Sam: I like to keep up with computer technology so I go to the Mac and IBM PC groups. But I also explore other cities-everything from UFOs to alternative medicine. It’s an education, but sometimes the time just flies and I get really behind in my work.

Kira: You know, I hardly have time to check my email much less surf the Net. My job is killing me!

Sam: The newspaper of the future will be beamed from our computer onto reusable electronic paper-I saw a television program on it. It’s incredible! I guess we’ll have to throw out our computers and buy new ones.

Kira: That doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve been doing that every two years anyway!

From English for Business

II. Mark the sentences right, wrong or doesn’t say.

R W Doesn’t say

1. Kira has not checked her email yet. 1.

2. Sam was ordering some magazines on-line. 2.

3. Sam came across some interesting educational articles. 3.

4. Sam surfs the Internet every day. 4.

5. Kira has much time to use the Internet. 5.

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