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I. Skim the text for general understanding.

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Audrey: “I hate it when the person I’m speaking to starts drinking a cup of tea or eating something. It sounds disgusting!” Ben: “It’s so boring when you go out with somebody who spends half the time talking on their mobile. When I go out with somebody, I switch my phone off and listen to my voicemail when I get home.”
Dan: “I’ve given up phoning my friends since they had children. Every time I phone them, they ask me to talk to their two-year-old boy. I have to speak to him in this silly voice, and he never speaks so I have to listen to him breathing down the phone. Fortunately, they haven’t asked me to speak to the baby yet but she’s actually screaming in the background, so you can’t have a proper conversation anyway.” Ellen: “I like to talk to a real person on the phone, but nowadays you get a recorded message which gives you all these options to choose from. If you don’t hear everything the first time, you can’t ask them to repeat. You have to start again. Oh, and the music that play while you’re on hold– awful.”
Cathy: “I think there should be places where mobile phones are banned. For instance, when I’m on a train or in a restaurant, I hate listening to people talking about things that are quite private! It should be against the law!” Frank: “I hate when you telephone a company or an office and you can never get through to the person you want to speak to. The operator puts you through to an extension, and the person you want is not there, so you have to wait for ages. Then, you get another extension, and it’s still the wrong one, so you have to wait again. And again and again until you get bored of trying.”

From In Company Intermediate

Reading comprehension

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