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A) Complete the table with personal and professional abilities. Use the list below. Give the reasons.

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  Research engineer Design engineer Industrial engineer Field engineer
Personal and professional abilities        

Professional abilities:

· research ability

· creativity

· ability to extract the need in an engineering decision and formulate engineering problem

· ability to design engineering decision

· ability to apply knowledge in chemistry and fundamental and engineering sciences

· ability to use the existing and developing technological methods, technologies and instruments

· professional and ethic responsibility of an engineer

· ability to effective communication

· ability to a cross-disciplinary teaming

· ability to manage and lead engineering developments

· ability to effective learning and improving his/her qualifications during the whole life

B) Discuss in a group.

· What ability can you add?

· What kind of professional activity are you going to choose?

· What kind of ability have you already got?


Role play the following situation. Work in groups of 3 or 4.

Imagine that each of you is a member of the Board of Directors of some Chemical Corporation. Discuss necessary qualities for a new position. Use adverts in Appendix for help.

1. Choose any chemical company of your future speciality.

2. Think of a position in this company or you may use the following position list:

· Lab Assistant

· Senior Engineer

· Plastics Applications Chemist

· Manager of Production Department

· Manager of Sales Department

· Head of Chemical Engineering Department




Design your own job advertisement for the position mentioned above. Follow the plan below.

· company overview

· job description

· job requirements (Education, Years of Experience, Basic Qualifications, Preferred Skills)




Assess your progress in this unit. Tick (ü) the statements which are true.

  I know competencies for the entrepreneurial engineer.
  I can talk about skills and professional abilities of engineers.
  I know job requirements for engineering positions.



Engineering Ethics




1 Discuss these questions.

a)business ethics b) a code of ethics/of good practice

· What is engineering ethics?

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Choose the right engineering abilities below for each category in the Table. The number of abilities is in brackets.| Rank the professions below according to how ethical you think they are.

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