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Look at the table and match the information from columns A, B and C.

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Company logo Company activities Country
(1) …specialized in processing and machining of small ceramic technical parts. The company is based in Marnay near the Swiss border. It benefits by the famous know how and skills from watch making industry. This traditional experience combined with technology allow to manufacture more than 6 000 000 parts per year mainly used for exportation. a) Germany
(2) «National Chemical Company» Group of Companies combines manufacturing complex of raw materials, finished goods and the Company which develops own brands in the non-food market.   b) America
(3) … a chemical company converting energy and nitrogen from the air into useful products for farmers and industrial customers and is the leading supplier of mineral fertilizers.Its marketing network covers all continents, with local activities in 50 countries and sales to more than 120 ones. The company employs around 6 800 people worldwide. c) Russia
(4) … the world's largest chemical company, ahead of Dow and DuPont. It has more than 150 major manufacturing facilities and does business worldwide through six business segments: plastics (including polyolefins and polystyrene), performance products (value-added chemicals and dyes), chemicals (plasticizers solvents), oil and gas exploration and production (through subsidiary Wintershall AG), functional solutions (catalysts, coatings, and construction chemicals), and agricultural products (additives, herbicides, and fertilizers). d) France
(5) …multinational corporation headquartered in Midland, Michigan. As of 2007, it is the second largest chemical manufacturer in the world (after BASF).It is a provider of plastics, chemicals, and agricultural products with presence in more than 175 countries and employing 46,000 people worldwide. It is the world's largest producer of plastics, including polystyrene, polyurethanes, polyethylene, polypropylene, and synthetic rubbers. It is also a major producer of the chemicals calcium chloride, ethylene oxide, and various acrylates, surfactants, and cellulose resins. It produces many agricultural chemicals. e) Norway

4 Work in groups. Find the answers to the following questions:

5 Listen, then complete the passage below using the appropriate word or phrase from the box below.


chairperson senior managers managing director Board of Directors management workforce shareholders organization chart


Most companies are made up of three groups of people: the 1____________(who provide the capital), the 2____________and the 3____________.The management structure of a typical company is shown in this 4_____________.

At the top of the company hierarchy is the 5____________, headed by the 6___________ (or president). The board is responsible for making policy decisions and for determining the company's strategy. It will usually appoint a 7___________ (or chief executive officer) who has overall responsibility for the running of the business. 8___________ or line managers head the various departments or functions within the company.


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Читайте в этой же книге: Look at the following words in bold in the texts and try to explain them. Consult the dictionary if necessary. | For questions 1-15, read this text and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space. | B) Choose any picture you like and prepare the description of this picture for your group-mates to guess. | ANOTHER DISCOVERY CHANNEL | Take a look at the 6 statements stated by people having PhD. Agree or disagree with them, prove your opinion. | Read the following competencies for the entrepreneurial engineer and give your comments. | Choose the right engineering abilities below for each category in the Table. The number of abilities is in brackets. | A) Complete the table with personal and professional abilities. Use the list below. Give the reasons. | Rank the professions below according to how ethical you think they are. | C) In groups discuss the meaning of the question. |
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