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B) Choose any picture you like and prepare the description of this picture for your group-mates to guess.

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  1. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes computers easier to use. A GUI uses icons. Icons are pictures which represent programs, folders, and files.
  2. A Read the text again and choose the correct ending to each sentence.
  3. A. Prepare a talk, giving your own views on any one of these topics which you feel strongly about. Find some facts to support your idea.
  4. According to IAS 16, for accounting of PPE items an entity may choose between
  5. Act as an interpreter. Translate the description of N-type and P-type- semiconductors given by your group mates from English into Russian.
  6. An Example of a Graph Description

c) Choose any picture you like and give a talk about this picture for as long as you can. Whose talk will be the longest?


19 There are considered to be four basic types of engineering: chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical. In groups discuss the following questions:


A) Fill in the table below.

  Chemical engineering Civil engineering Electrical engineering Mechanical engineering
Activity     producing, delivering  
Products/services provided        
Industries it can be met in chemical, petrochemical, food-processing, forestry and pharma­ceutical   biomedical engineering and digital signal processing metallurgy and materials; machine design; systems engineering; plant design; construction, and operation; environmental engineering

B) Divide into 4 groups, each group chooses one of the types of engineering mentioned in the table and prepare a 2 minute discussion. Use the information from the table.



“Exploring Engineering Careers”


Choose a field of engineering and learn about it. Find a professional working in the field. Go interview the person. Make a presentation to the class on what this type of engineer does.



22 Write a composition (approximately 120-180 words):

“Engineering is my future profession: its advantages & disadvantages.”


Assess your progress in this unit. Tick (ü) the statements which are true.

  I can name different types of engineering.
  I can present an image of an engineer.
  I can talk about engineers’ activities.
  I know advantages and disadvantages of engineering profession.


Engineering Education



1 Discuss these questions in groups.



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Читайте в этой же книге: Look at the following words in bold in the texts and try to explain them. Consult the dictionary if necessary. | Take a look at the 6 statements stated by people having PhD. Agree or disagree with them, prove your opinion. | Read the following competencies for the entrepreneurial engineer and give your comments. | Choose the right engineering abilities below for each category in the Table. The number of abilities is in brackets. | A) Complete the table with personal and professional abilities. Use the list below. Give the reasons. | Rank the professions below according to how ethical you think they are. | C) In groups discuss the meaning of the question. | Role play this situation. | Look at the table and match the information from columns A, B and C. | C Nursing care for family members |
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