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Role play this situation.

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  1. I. Explain what is meant by the following sentences. Develop the situation.
  2. Match a phrase on the left with a phrase on the right which could be used in a similar situation.
  3. The Organizing Committee has a right to change the Provisions if the circumstances of the Festival-Contest will change on in a case of force majeure situation.

You are senior managers at medical drugs manufacturing. Your company is losing market share. You strongly suspect your main rival is using unfair methods to promote its products.

For example, you are almost sure that your rival has been:

a) making cash payments to main dealers

b) offering expensive gifts to important customers

Hold a meeting to consider how to solve the problem.




‘Code of good practice’


26 You are a president of a chemical company. Create a written ‘Code of good practice’ for your engineers, think of the design and present it to your employees. (Use any information from Unit 9 you think will be useful.)


27 As one of the senior managers at medical drugs manufacturing prepare a written report on the results of the meeting. Put there the following:




Assess your progress in this unit. Tick (ü) the statements which are true.

  I can distinguish ethical engineering activities from unethical ones.
  I know what ‘Code of Ethics for Engineers’ performs.
  I can talk about professional obligations of engineers.


Company Structure and Corporate Culture




1 Discuss these questions.


2 Listen and fill in the missing information.


Companies are involved in many activities, for example 1__________,in a range of different industries, such as 2__________.Many well-known companies are 3___________,these are companies which 4__________in a number of countries.

Multinationals often have a complicated structure. There is usually 5___________.This company owns other companies or parts of other companies. These other companies are called 6___________.

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Читайте в этой же книге: Look at the following words in bold in the texts and try to explain them. Consult the dictionary if necessary. | For questions 1-15, read this text and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space. | B) Choose any picture you like and prepare the description of this picture for your group-mates to guess. | ANOTHER DISCOVERY CHANNEL | Take a look at the 6 statements stated by people having PhD. Agree or disagree with them, prove your opinion. | Read the following competencies for the entrepreneurial engineer and give your comments. | Choose the right engineering abilities below for each category in the Table. The number of abilities is in brackets. | A) Complete the table with personal and professional abilities. Use the list below. Give the reasons. | Rank the professions below according to how ethical you think they are. | C Nursing care for family members |
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C) In groups discuss the meaning of the question.| Look at the table and match the information from columns A, B and C.

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