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I. Explain what is meant by the following sentences. Develop the situation.

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  4. A) Order the words to make sentences.
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Ass 4

Pre-reading Task

I. Translate the sentences before reading the text. Look up words you do not know in the dictionary . Do this task in writing

  1. Even Admiral boom had been known to envy Miss Lark her wonderful house, though his own had ship’s funnels instead of chimneys and a flagstaff in the front garden.
  2. When he came he pulled his hat down over his eyes so that Miss Lark might think he was somebody else, but she never did.
  3. He was a dog – one of those small, silky dogs that look a fur neck let until they begin to bark.
  4. People used to laugh heartily when they saw Andrew sitting up in the back seat of Miss Lark’s car on the way to the Hairdresser’s with the fur rug over his knees and his best coat on.
  5. He would have given half his fortune, if he had one, for a nice piece of raw meat, instead of the usual breast of chicken or scrambled eggs or asparagues.
  6. Whenever he got the chance, he would run down to the front gate and sit there watching for them, so that he could exchange a few common remarks.
  7. He did want to know very badly indeed.
  8. Miss Lark’s too maids were rushing wildly about the garden, looking under bushes and up into the trees as people do who have lost their most valuable possession.
  9. It was Michael who really comforted Miss Lark
  10. He’ll go and live with his friend unless his friend is allowed to come and live with him.


Read ch. IV “Miss Lark’s Andrew”. Prepare a good reading and translate the passage beginning from “Andrew’s most special friend…” on p. 34 and ending “…Jane and Michael screamed at him as he passed” on p. 35.


Vocabulary Tasks

I. Arrange the words according to their parts of speech. Give three forms of the irregular verbs. Be sure you read and understand them properly. Learn them.


Inhabitant, mansion, jealousy, gates, relations, butcher, baker, milkman, neighbourhood, brooch, band, bark, fence ninkypoop, puppy, distraction, fortune, pedigree, shame, gossip, perambulator, Mr.Know all, promise, curious, upset, paint, regard, weep, sob, insist, shriek, blame, long, leather.

II. Here are some word-combinations from the text. Match the definition to each of them from the right-hand column. Reproduce the context in which they are used. Make up sentences of your own with these phrases.

  1. to live next door (p. 31)
  2. to envy sb. sth (p. 31)
  3. to make a mistake (p. 32)
  4. to lead a luxurious life (p. 33)
  5. to be good to sb. (p. 33)
  6. to bore sb. to distraction (p. 33)
  7. to make a fuss of sth. (p. 34)
  8. to get into trouble (p. 34)
  9. to be on the watch for sb. (p. 34)
  10. to be displeased with sb. (p. 37)
  1. to feel jealous resentment at another’s better fortune
  2. to be watching expecting sb. to appear
  3. to be wrong
  4. to live in the next house
  5. to live a very comfortable life
  6. to find oneself in an awkward, unpleasant situation
  7. to lead sb. to wildness or confusion of mind by being dull.
  8. to be kind to sb.
  9. to treat sth. With too much affection
  10. to be indignant or angry with sb.


III. Match the opposites. Learn them.

Further Grand Forgive Possess Doubt Common Rare Disguise Haughtily Set off Tightly Escape Fault Comfort Relief Dreadful Consent Depart Give in Take Usual Lose Reveal Upset Worry Humbly Closer Modest Come Blame Belief Extraordinary Remain Loosely Innocence Pleasant Disagree arrive


Reading-comprehension Tasks

I. Explain what is meant by the following sentences. Develop the situation.

  1. Blast my gizzard!
  2. When Andrew had his birthday he had two candles on his cake for every year.
  3. Andrew longed to be a common dog
  4. He says that he’s not coming in.

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III. Paraphrase using the word-combinations above.| Reading-Comrehension Tasks

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