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A) Think of ONE noun to complete all of the following collocations

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1. a graduate …………….

2. a scholarship……………

3. a foreign/overseas…………

4. a full-time……………….


6. a straight A………………

7. a fee-paying…………….


(b) Match collocations from (a) with the Ukrainian equivalents

a. стипендіат

b. «платник»

c. закордонний студент

d. круглий відмінник

e. «очник»

f. аспірант

3 (a) Note how one concept finds a variety of phrasing possibilities. Consider the synonymous phrases; what shades of meaning does every of them bring about?

- to work towards one’s B.A./M.S. etc. in law/literature/science etc.

- to study law/literature/science etc.

- to major in law/literature/science etc.= be a law/literature/science etc. major

- a student/undergraduate of law/literature/science etc.

(b) Substitute the Ukrainian phrases with the English ones from (a)

1. Jane вивчає літературу at Yale.

2. Jane вивчає як профілюючий предмет/спеціалізується на літературі at Yale.

3. Jane is студентка зі спеціальністю «література» at Yale.

4. Jane працює над ступенем бакалавра з літератури at Yale.

Idiom Box


4 (a) Match idioms with their definitions. These expressions may be used to describe people of certain nature, students in particular. What register of the language (bookish-neutral-informal) would you refer them to?

1. Live wire a. someone who is treated better than anyone else by their teacher, employer, parent etc, because they think he is perfect and do not notice his faults
2. Wet blanket b. someone who enjoys social occasions and is fun and exciting to be with
3. Egghead c. someone who likes reading very much
4. Blue-eyed boy/girl d. someone who is very intelligent, and only interested in ideas and books
5. the life and soul of the party e. someone who spoils a happy event for other people, especially by refusing to join in with everyone else
6. Bookworm f. someone who is very active and has a lot of energy

(b) fill in the gaps with the idioms from (a)

1. Stop being a(n) ………………….. and come and dance.

2. At any college there are …………………….. who study all the time and gets straight A's.

3. Jerry is not that smart, though he has top test scores – he is the professor’s ………………… .

4. This college has come to life and advanced considerably under the direction of its very …………………………Rector Mr. Jocelyn Stevens.

5. Tony is natural at social gatherings - courteous, talkative, gregarious - ………………….., in one word.

6. They say, a(n) ……………………… is a person who would rather read than eat.

Just for Fun

5. Read Survival Strategies for College Life suggested by American students. Are they applicable to student life in Ukraine?

1. Minimize food budget by scheduling classes around Happy Hour.
2. Enjoy being a sophomore -- It will be the best three years of your life.
3. If an 8:00 am class is required for your major, change your major.
4. Boring lecture? Start a wave!
5. Clever margin manipulation can turn a 4-page outline into a 100-page senior essay.


6. Consider the cultural note

WAVE - American English an occasion when many people who are watching an event stand up, move their arms up and down, and sit down again one after another in a continuous movement that looks like a wave moving on the sea.

HAPPY HOUR - a special time in a bar when alcoholic drinks are sold at lower prices


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