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A) Answer the following questions about yourself.

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- Do you live with your family? How many are you?

- Describe any member of your family.

- What are the memorable / funny moments happened in your family?


- Do you live in a house or a flat?

- What is there in your dwelling?

- What's your bedroom / living-room / kitchen like?


- How do you relax?

- What are your hobbies?

- Do you spend more time with your friends or your family?

- What is the way of spending your holidays?

b) Instructions for the reading:

1. Skim the text first. Get the idea of it – What is it about?

2. Study the words given after the text.

3. Read the text again two or more times until you fully understand it.

4. Retell the text: underline key words and define the main idea of each paragraph – it will help to shorten the text.

3.2. Text A: My Family

Every family is happy in its own way. We are happy because we are friendly and united. Happy or not, we go home to share our joys and sufferings with the members of our family.

My name is Boris. I live with my parents, my younger brother and sister. Each of them is very special to me. My mother is a housekeeper. When I was a child she taught me many things to do. I was very curious and my mother was patient enough to listen to me and talk to me.

I think I will bring my own children up in the same way. We will also keep family traditions and be attentive both to the young and aged members of the family.


My father is very responsible and demanding at work; at home he is kind, helpful and ready to smile. I am the eldest but I always feel my parents’ love.


As for my brother and sister, they are lovely kids. They are twins, six years younger than me. They are very vivid, love companies and have a variety of interests. From time to time, they quarrel with each other, but if a situation is serious, they keep together. I often recognize myself in their behaviour. That is why it is easier for me to understand their problems.


And now some words about me. I am working for a building company. Though I have a diploma, I feel like becoming a student again. Our company is developing its business in Europe. Not to be behind others and to get a promotion, I have to master the English language as the means of communication. I am going to marry a fantastic lady. However, it is another story.


Skim – швидко переглянути Retell – переказувати, переповідати Define - визначати Paragraph – абзац Underline – підкреслити Shorten – скорочувати United - об’єднаний To share –ділити, поділяти Suffering – страждання Curious –допитливий Patient – терплячий Bring up – виховувати Attentive – уважний Responsible –відповідальний Demanding – вимогливий Twin – близнюк   Vivid – жвавий Variety – різноманітність Quarrel –сперечатися Recognize –пізнавати Behaviour –поведінка Feel like – мати бажання Though –хоча Be behind -відставати Master a language – оволодіти мовою Means of communication – засіб спілкування Be on the way – збиратися Wonderful –чудовий Get a promotion – отримати підвищення Have to –повинен  

Practice – Vocabulary in use

Task 1: Give short answers.

1. Is Boris happy in his family?

2. Is Boris’s family large or small?

3. Why is Boris thankful to his mother?

4. What is his father like?

5. Is it a problem for Boris to understand the kids?

6. Why does Boris want to master a foreign language?


Task 2: Ask general questions to the sentences.

1. We are a friendly family.

2. He lives with his parents.

3. His mother is a housekeeper.

4. Boris always feels his parents’ love.

5. They are lovely kids.

6. I feel like becoming a student again.


Task 3: Translate into Ukrainian.

1. He is happy in his own way.

2. Let’s share our supper.

3. You are very special.

4. He teaches his students to speak English correctly.

5. I am patient enough not to interrupt you.

6. He has a variety of hobbies.

Task 4: Translate into English.

1. Він живе окремо від батьків у квартирі (separately).

2. Я вчу іноземну мову, щоб бути освіченим (educated).

3. Вона вдячна своїм друзям за допомогу (be thankful).

4. У вільний час я багато читаю ( In my free time).

5. Ти впізнаєш мою подругу (recognize)?

6. Щоб оволодіти іноземною мовою, треба вимовляти нові слова та речення у голос (in a loud voice).

LESSON ONE. Part two


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