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Text B. Your University is Your Future.

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This year you have entered Drahomanov National Pedagogical University and you have become a student. It is a real event in your life. You have made a good step into your future. Now much will depend on your study and your attitude to it.


The University has a long history. It was founded as an educational establishment in 1834. Throughout the years there were changes in its name, in its status but it has always followed the traditions of preserving Ukrainian culture and national features. Now it is the university which helds a special place in Ukraine. It fulfils its main task to educate young people and prepare highly qualified specialists for Ukraine.


The University is Pedagogical. During its history it has prepared more than 150 thousand teachers for work in the kindergartens, schools and universities. In accordance with the changes in the world students are being taught new methods of bringing up a new generation familiar with new technologies and open to the world. The more knowledge they get in different spheres of life and science, the better teachers they are.


The University is National.It both meets the recognition from the state and guarantees the rights of its students.


The university is called after Mykhailo Drahomanov. Born in 1841 in Poltava gubernia, Mykhaylo Drahomanov was a great patriot of Ukraine. He was known as a scholar, civic and political leader. All his life he was fighting for independence of Ukraine, for preserving its national treasures, culture and traditions. For his political views M. Drahomanov was dismissed from the Kyiv University. Later he moved to Switzerland and then to Bulgaria. He accepted a professorship at Sofia University. The historical-comparative method was the basis of his scholarly work. He dealt mostly with constitutional, ethnic, cultural and educational issues.

Living abroad M. Drahomanov devoted his life to Ukraine, he propagated national ideas of his country. On the whole he was an ambassador of Ukraine abroad.


Fulfil(l) - виконувати

Depend on – залежати від

Founded – заснований

Establishment –установа, заклад

In accordance with – відповідно

Generation – покоління

Familiar – знайомий

Recognition – визнання

Scholar – вчений

Independence –незалежність

Issue – (гостре) питання

Authentic –автентичний, оригінальний

Separately – окремо

Quality - риса характеру

Ambassador – посол

Practice – Vocabulary in use

Task 1: Make up sentences using the following words:

- To realize one’s dream,to enter the University, to be interested in, to work hard, to search for additional information, to cooperate with others, to find a partner to develop skills in English, to read authentic literature, to be a success in, to depend on, to ask for help, to be good at;

- It is necessary (that), it is important (that), it is difficult, it is interesting, it is helpful, it is exciting;

- Profound education, an educated person, future projects, motivation, socio-cultural portraits of different countries, new technologies, promotion, qualities of a good specialist.


Task 2: Give your opinion and explain why you agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. Continuing your education beyond high school is essential if you want to get a good job.

2. A degree of diploma is useful but it doesn’t guarantee a good wage. An education is not always necessary to become rich.

3. A poorly educated person is desined to be financially poor because he lacks the basic ingredient for success which is knowledge.

4. Education is the most valuable thing you can possess. With education comes knowledge and without it individuals and societies cannot advance.

Task 3: Read the text B. Use the key words from each paragraph and render the text in English.

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