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A) Consider the diagram illustrating an approximate administrative structure of a University

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Academic Affairs  

(b) On the ground of the text and the diagram answer the question - who is accountable for:

  1. financial and administrative matters; real estate management;
  2. faculty appointments and dismissals; approving or revising academic programs; research;
  3. setting strategies, and evaluating institutional performance;
  4. dealing with the human recourses of the institution;
  5. overall leadership; advocating for its needs outside the institution;
  6. maintaining all academic records;
  7. fostering alumni relations; information services;
  8. fund raising;
  9. operating counseling services, residence halls, and nonacademic student activities and organizations;
  10. financial translations of the institution.


(c) Though the administrative structures of Ukrainian and American universities differ considerably, some parallels can be drawn. In the following list find approximate Ukrainian counterparts for American administrators:




- з виховної роботи

- з наукової роботи

- з учбової роботи

- з міжнародних відносин

- з адміністративно-господарчої роботи


- бухгалтерія

- відділ кадрів

- господарчий відділ

Speak your mind


Organizing phrases

Inviting somebody to give their opinion Giving opinion Interrupting
- What’s your reaction/response to this? - Can we have your input on this? - How do you feel about this? - What are your views? - I have to say that I totally agree/disagree… - That’s a really valid point. - I’m afraid I’m going to have to differ. - I can’t say I have strong views either way. - Just a second… - If I may just cut in here.. - Sorry, but could I just say something here… - Excuse me, but…

3. Work in groups. You are the members of the Students’ Council; bellow is the agenda of the meeting. Choose the chairperson and the speakers and discuss the points.

THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ________________________________________ STUDENTS’ COUNCIL
Agenda for meeting of 22 November This year’s budget has allocated the Students’ Council anextra $10,000. the following suggestions have been made regarding spending this money:   1. Redecorating the recreational area and the restaurant   2. offering free meals for a year to 50 students whose families’ annual earnings do not exceed $ 12,000   3. Organizing an educational visit to the UK

Higher Education in the USA


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