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A) Complete each gap with missing phrase from the box below

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To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.

Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish writer.



a) Are you an adventurous traveler or not? Do the quiz and find out. 1.Your ideal holiday would be A - a package holiday to a Spanish beach resort. B - staying in a guesthouse in the south of France. C - backpacking around India. 2. You usually stay at A - an expensive hotel. B - a guesthouse or cheap hotel. C - campsites or B&Bs (bed and breakfast). 3. When you go on holiday, you A - eat the same things you do at home. B - try one or two new dishes. C - only eat the local cuisine. 4. You always pack A - designer clothes. B - your mobile phone. C - a map and a phrase book. 5. On holiday, you rarely go A - hiking or canoing. B - sunbathing. C - shopping. 6. You’d rather not travel by A - coach. B - boat. C - plane. 7. When something goes wrong you A - take the first plane home. B -immediately call your travel agent. C - consider it an interesting adventure. Mostly As: You do not have the spirit of an adventurous traveller. For you, holidays are a time to indulge in your favourite pastimes and relax. Mostly Bs: To you, having fun means enjoying the simple everyday pleasures of life. Even though you may not be looking for extravagant holidays, you certainly appreciate being catered for. Mostly Cs: You are a real traveller interested in experiencing and exploring other cultures. To you, what counts is the journey and not the destination.   b) Read the quiz again and find words describing:   · types of holidays · accommodation · means of transport · activities   Can you add to the list? Now talk about your preferences, as in the example: I love/enjoy/ hate going camping. I usually travel by coach. I stay in a tent. I enjoy.....

Read this article. Ten phrases have been removed from the text.

a) Complete each gap with missing phrase from the box below



People travel ______ or ______. Usually they travel when they are ______. When people have business trips, they _______ (without much of luggage); when they wish to become tourists, they go to a ______ and buy a tour of some country from a travel agent. They may travel by air, by train, by boat, by bus or by car. Young people may travel by bicycle or go ______ (stopping cars and moving along in the car for some distance, then change the car). Before booking your foreign holiday make sure you have an insurance policy. When you are ________ you should have some currency on you. All goods must be paid for in ___________ currency only. The _______ is the most essential thing. You can’t enter the country without it. When tourists arrive to the place of their ______ they stay in hotels, motels (if they arrived in their own car), guesthouses or _______. When in a big historical city tourists buy and study maps and ______ of the city.

Today people have lots of good reasons to _________. Travelling has always been a part of people’s education. The best way to study geography is to travel and the best way to get to know the ___________ of different peoples is to speak to them. Besides, travelling is a good way to practice foreign languages.

It’s always interesting to _________ new places and new ways of life, to try foreign food and to listen to unusual music. It’s much better than sitting at home and doing nothing. When on a holiday tourists enjoy sunbathing, scuba diving, swimming, windsurfing, rafting, hiking, climbing the mountains, shopping, buying souvenirs, going sightseeing, going on excursions, taking pictures, visiting museums and picture galleries, going to theatres, cinemas, discoes and so on.


B&Bs; for pleasure; visa; travel light; travel; destination; tour guides; on business; discover; hitch-hiking; traditions and customs; foreign; on vacation; abroad; travel agency.

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