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David: Did you say you’re going ___________ next month?

Ruth: Yes, my family and I are going to New York for a week. We want ____________________

David: I envy you. I haven’t had a vacation for a long time. You know I always take a short-break holidays. I wish I _____________________

Ruth: You can take a vacation sometime soon, ___________?

David: No, there’s too much work to do. Maybe next year, though. I guess it’ll be our _________, dear!

Well, I hope __________ a postcard with beautiful views of the city and your


Ruth: Don’t be pessimistic! I promise!


2. Read the dialogue in pairs and act out similar dialogues.

3. Read Natalie and Paul’s conversation. What are they arguing about?

Why does Paul sound ironic?

The Nightmare of Packing


- We must be off in ten minutes. Have you packed everything?

- As good as … I need a couple of minutes to make sure that I haven’t forgotten anything.

- OK. And whose bags are these? These huge ones. Do you mean these are yours? Are you going on a students’ archaeological expedition in Greece with all this stuff?

- Don’t be silly. It’s me who’s leaving. Doesn’t that mean that the luggage is mine? I’ve packed the most essential things.

- Essential things ? let’s see … What’s in here ? An iron, a portable TV set, a dozen different lotions and shampoos, three pairs of high heels, lots of dresses…. And why have you packed two umbrellas, may I ask? In case it rains twice ?

- In case one gets broken or something. Don’t make me nervous before the flight, will you?

- All right, take everything you want if you feel happier with all these useless things. And, by the way, where is your ticket, passport, and insurance?

- Oh, gosh! I’ve nearly forgotten them! Thank you. Sometimes you can be very helpful.


Match the words with their definitions. Give the Russian equivalents.

1. insurance a. a special mark in a passport that gives permission to enter or leave the country
2. foreign currency b. a little piece of paper, plastic, or any other material which appears on someone’s luggage and has essential information about its owner ( usually name and contacts, telephone and address )
3. label c. type of money that is used in a country
4. visa d. a document in which a certain sum of money is paid in case of an illness or an accident



Give some advice to a person who is going on an archaeological expedition in some tropical country. Use the ideas from the dialogue.


EXAMPLE: You should take light and comfortable shoes. EXAMPLE: I don’t think you’ll need any high heels on the expedition.
It’s a good idea to have … Don’t forget to take … … may be very useful there. You can’t do without … Things like … are absolutely essential. It’s silly to carry heavy bags full of … Things like … are absolutely useless on the expedition. You can easily do without …

Lesson 4


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