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Look at the information in the two charts in ex. 4. Read the following sentences that describe this information.

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  1. A few common expressions are enough for most telephone conversations. Practice these telephone expressions by completing the following dialogues using the words listed below.
  2. A Read the text again quickly and complete sentences 1-6.
  3. A) Answer the following questions about yourself.
  4. A) Answer the questions and then compare your answers with the information given below.
  5. A) Order the words to make sentences.
  6. A) Think of ONE noun to complete all of the following collocations
  7. A). Look at the calendar which shows his arrangements for the next few months and then make up sentences, as in the example.

1. People book most holidays at travel agent’s offices.

2. People use the Internet to book a large number of holidays.

3. People with demanding jobs* take a lot of short-break holidays.

4. People often take their honeymoon abroad.


* demanding job – ответственная работа

3. Here are some sentences from students talking about the two graphs. Can you match the two parts of each sentence together?

4. The two charts show information about holiday bookings. The first one shows how people book their holidays, and the other shows the kinds of holiday they book. Talk about the information presented in the charts. Do you think the situation will change in the future? How?

How people book their holidays:

Sources of booking

1. Visit to travel agent’s office.



Direct response to advert

Personal recommendation

The kinds of holidays people book:

Types of holiday

Short breaks

Family holidays

Independent travel

Group booking


5. Complete the sentences with the words on the right:

1. _____ includes cultural and religious trips. 2. _____includes meetings and conferences. 3. You can see exotic animals on a _______. 4. Do I need a _____ for Kazakhstan? 5. A _____ is a long hard walk. 6. Some tourists want more ____ experiences. Safari Visa Trek Leisure tourism Business tourism Authentic

6. Express your point of view on:

A. Travel can change people in the following positive ways:

learn other languages; authentic cultures; exotic countries; animals; new experiences; feed one’s brain and eyes....

B. Travel can change people in the following negative ways:

bad experience with travel agency; safari; long preparations for the trip; visa; being lazy; short break holiday...

Lesson 3


Complete the dialogue with the missed phrases in the list below.

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A) Complete each gap with missing phrase from the box below.| TAKING A VACATION.

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