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A) Order the words to make sentences.

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1 going / She / holiday / enjoy / ‘s / the / to

She’s going to enjoy the holiday.

2 to / aren’t / We / a / going / stay / in / hotel


3 going / They / to / ‘re / swimming


4 ‘m / I / go / camping / going / to


5 you / to / Are / trip / for / going / pay / the


6 isn’t / see / the / He / to / going / pyramids



b) Complete the sentences. Use going to.

1 What time ________________ (they / leave) tomorrow?

2 We __________________ (try) the local food.

3 They _________________ (have) dinner with their friends this weekend.

4 _________________ (you / stay) at an expensive hotel?

5 They _________________ (not / get married) until next year.

6 _____________________ (they / see) the Statue of Liberty?

7 He _________________ (meet) a lot of people.

8 She ________________ (not / go) on holiday this year.


c) Complete the dialogue. Use going to.

- So, where ______________ (go) on holiday?

- We __________________ (travel) round Europe by train.

- That sounds great. Which countries __________________ (visit)?

- Italy first, and then Croatia [krau’eiJa], Greece, and Turkey.

- Where _______________ (sleep)?

- Well, we ______________ (not / stay) in hotels! We don’t have much money. We can sleep on the train. The only problem is that it __________ (be) very hot.

- And where ____________ (go) after Italy?

- After Italy we _______________ (get) the train to Zagreb. Then Nina ___________ (come) home and I ________________ (spend) a week on a Greek island before I go to Turkey. I _______________ (not / get) home until the end of August.



Complete the dialogue with the missed phrases in the list below.


David: Did you say you’re going ___________ next month?

Ruth: Yes, my family and I are going to New York for a week. We want ____________________

David: I envy you. I haven’t had a vacation for a long time. You know I always take a short-break holidays. I wish I _____________________

Ruth: You can take a vacation sometime soon, ___________?

David: No, there’s too much work to do. Maybe next year, though. I guess it’ll be our _________, dear!

Well, I hope __________ a postcard with beautiful views of the city and your


Ruth: Don’t be pessimistic! I promise!


2. Read the dialogue in pairs, use the prompts to act out similar dialogue.

3. You and your friend have won a competition and the prize is a holiday of your choice. Discuss the following issues and choose a holiday from the options below:

* which would be the best type of holiday to go on

* what you would like to do while you’re there

* how long you would like to go for

*what preparations you need to make for the trip



Action adventure

Cross the Sahara on a camel. Fly in a balloon safari. Sleep under the stars. Live your life to the full!

Beautiful beaches

White sand and palm trees as far as the eye can see. Bright sun and warm water. Exchange your stress for peace!

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A) Complete each gap with missing phrase from the box below| Countryside camping

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