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Here is the example of the dialogue. Complete your own one and practice ordering food and taking orders with a partner as in the dialogue.

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Waiter: Hello, Can I help you?
Kim: Yes, I'd like to have some lunch.
Waiter: Would you like a starter?
Kim: Yes, I'd like a bowl of chicken soup, please.
Waiter: And what would you like for a main course?
Kim: I'd like a grilled cheese sandwich.
Waiter: Would you like anything to drink?
Kim: Yes, I'd like a glass of Coke, please.
Waiter... After Kim has her lunch.: Can I bring you anything else?
Kim: No thank you. Just the bill.
Waiter: Certainly.
Kim: I don't have my glasses. How much is the lunch?
Waiter: That's $6.75.
Kim: Here you are. Thank you very much.
Waiter: You're welcome. Have a good day.
Kim: Thank you, the same to you.

Notice how the waiter asks: What would you like? And Kim responds: I'd like ...

"Would like" is the polite form used when asking and requesting.

Task 10. Work in pairs. Look at the table below and complete six dialogues with the help of this table.

a) Booking a table d) solving the problem
b) Ordering the meal e) Paying the bill

c) During the meal f) Things you might see

Booking a table Ordering the meal During the meal Problems Paying the bill Things you might see
Do you have any free tables? A table for …(two ) , please I'd like to make a reservation I'd like to book a table, please When for? For what time? This evening at 7 o`clock Tomorrow at … For how many people? I've got a reservation Do you have a reservation? Сould I see the menu, please?   Сould I see the wine list, please?   Сan I get you any drinks?     Are you ready to order?   Do you have any specials?   What's the soup of the day?   what do you recommend?   I'm on a diet   What's this dish?   I'm allergic to…( fish)   I'm a vegetarian   I don't eat … (meat) Excuse me! Enjoy your meal!   Bon appétit!   Would you like to taste the wine?   Could we have …?   Another bottle of wine   Some water still or sparkling?   Would you like any coffee or dessert?   Do you have any desserts?   Was everything alright?   Thanks, that was delicious This isn't what I ordered This is too salty   His food's cold     This doesn't taste right     We've been waiting a long time   Is our meal on its way   Will our food be long? The bill, please   Could we have the bill, please?     Can I pay by card?     Do you take credit cards?     Is service included?     I'll get this   Let's split it     Let's share the bill Please wait to be seated   Reserved   Service included     Service not included


Task 11. Read the article. Then complete the chat below.

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