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How to write a letter of request.

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A letter of request is exactly what it sounds like, it is a letter that you write to an organization or company when you want certain information that only they can provide you with. A letter of request is written to request the concerned person for help or required information. The letter of request is written in situations like to request a change in agreement, request to fill a questionnaire for a survey, request information about a product or service, etc. A request letter is written to gather information that is not easily available. The letter has to be brief and to the point.

The request letter has to directly convey to the reader what you are requesting for. You have to be clear in making request to the reader. The letter should have requests that are reasonable. State the reasons about why you are making such a request. Use assertive tone while writing the letter. Through this sort of letter, you will promote trust and good will.


A Sample Letter of Request Daniel Smith 4540 Main Street, South Brunswick, NC, United States (910) 754-2885 Jennifer Lewis 2438 South Stratford Road, Winston Salem, NC, United States 19 November 20-- Dear Ms. Lewis: I am requesting you to give me information about you recently launched Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) by your company. I want all the details about the scheme like initial investment, monthly installments, locking period etc. This will help me in taking a final decision for investment. I'll appreciate if you send me the complete brochure regarding the scheme. If you can manage to send a Marketing Executive who will explain me the scheme then it will be of great help to me. If I like the scheme and find it worth investing then I will give the initial amount right there to your Executive. I'm looking forward for your positive reply. You can contact me on my phone number or my personal email address - daniel_smith@rediffmail.com. Yours sincerely Daniel Smith


Task 20. Write down the letter of request to:

Case study


There are three Brussels hotels from biztravel.com. Which hotel does Caroline book for James?


Dear Caroline Can you please book me a hotel in Brussels for three nights, Mon. 25th-Wed. 28th in August? I want a single large room with an Internet connection – that is very important. I would like to be near the airport because my return flight is at 7a. m. on Wednesday. Please check that there is a fitness center and a swimming pool in the hotel. Monday is a very busy day. The first meeting is at 9.30 a.m. so we need a meeting room for that. Then there is our big workshop in the afternoon. Can you arrange a large room for a multimedia presentation at 4 p.m.? I expect to finish at about 5.30 p.m., so we need coffee than. Finally, can you book a table for 15 people in the hotel restaurant for 8p.m.? Many thanks James  


Convenient location: 0.5 km from the railway station, 2.5 km from the airport, 0.6 km from Uzhhorod downtown. The guests of our city feel cozy and comfortable here Rich experience allows us to combine high service quality and reasonable prices. Attentive staff will do its best to make your stay pleasant.



Task 21. Summarizing everything, as an example look at the picture and write a letter of request to book some tickets for holidays, for business trip, for education abroad and so on.


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