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C Nursing care for family members

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D Returning to employment - welcome back!

EDaycare centers


Helping employees to balance career and family commitments is part of our sustainable human resources policy in Germany.
We are therefore further increasing our efforts in this area: with more daycare facilities for children, improved pension provisions for parents, family caregiving models for family members and seminars for employees returning from parenthood. These measures are part of the "GENERATIONS@WORK" program we have established to address the challenges of demographic change. The existing service provisions such as daycare centers, part-time working models or vacation programs are thus being further extended to help our employees maintain an even better balance between career and family commitments.


We want to make it easier for parents to return to work sooner and are continuously extending our range of care services for our employees' children. Our employees can already take advantage of the facilities offered by our two BASF daycare centers "LuKids North" and "LuKids South" which offer 60 places for the children of BASF's employees.

Since January 14th 2008, "LuKids adhoc" offers our employees the opportunity to place their children in safe hands, if their own childcare arrangements are cancelled unexpectedly at short notice. 20 places are available for employees' children. The new facility is able to care for children aged from six months to ten years daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.




Another element of BASF's family-friendly policy is a supplementary parenthood contribution in the company pension. In this way, BASF aims to compensate the effect of the dormant employment status on the company pension for the first year of parenthood. This company contribution is also paid provided the employee is paying his/her membership contribution to BASF's retirement pension and will be continuing his/her employment after the end of parenthood.




Demographic trends mean that in the years ahead the issue of combining caregiving and career will become increasingly important for employees and thus also for the company. We are already responding to this trend by offering a range of services that can be adapted to meet future needs. This includes caregiver counseling and a course entitled "Nursing care in the family". Our employees can also reduce their working hours to allow them to care for relatives. There is also the possibility of unpaid release from employment for up to two years to care for family members requiring frequent or constant care.




We have something else to offer for employees returning from parenthood:
A few months before recommencing work, returners to employment are prepared for their return to work with a seminar. Participation in the event, which is offered four times annually, is voluntary. The program includes presentations about how BASF has developed in the time-out period as well as tips about self and time management and ways of reconciling the sometimes conflicting demands of career and family.


9 Discuss in groups.

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