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Revision test

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1. Yesterday evening I _watched_ television.

2. I cleaned my teeth three times yesterday.

3. Bernard smoked 20 cigarettes yesterday evening.

4. The concert last night started at 7.30 and finished at 10 o'clock.

5. The accident happened last Sunday afternoon.

6. When I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor.

7. Mozart lived from 1756 to 1791.

8. We enjoyed our holiday last year. We stayed at a very good hotel.

9. Today the weather is nice, but yesterday it rained.

10. It was hot in the room, so I opened the window.

11. The weather was good yesterday afternoon, so we played tennis.

12. William Shakespeare died in 1616.



1. Yesterday he went to work by car.

2. This morning they got up early.

3. He lost his keys last Saturday.

4. Last week I wrote a letter to Jane.

5. She met her friends yesterday evening.

6. I read two newspapers yesterday.

7. Last Friday the came to my house.

8. We went to the cinema last Sunday.

9. Tom had a shower this morning.

10. Last year they bought a new car.

11. Yesterday I ate an orange today.

12. We did our shopping last Monday.

13. Last weekend Ann took photographs.

14. We left home at 8.30 this morning.


1. I saw John but I didn’t see Mary.

2. They worked on Monday but they didn’t work on Tuesday.

3. We went to the shop but we didn’t go to the bank.

4. She had a pen but she didn’t have any paper.

5. Jack did French at school but he didn’t do German.



1. I watched TV last night. And you? Did you watch TV last night ?

2. I enjoyed the party. And you? Did you enjoy the party?

3. I had a good holiday. And you? Did you have a good holiday?

4. I got up early this morning. And you? Did you get up early this morning?

5. I slept well last night. And you? Did you sleep well last night?

V. Write questions with Who/What/How/'Why ...?

1. Who did you meet?

2. What time did Harry arrive?

3. Who did you see?

4. What did they want?

5. What time did the meeting finish?

6. Why did Pat go home early?

7. What did you have for dinner?

8. How much did it cost?



1. I played (play) tennis yesterday but I didn’t win (not/win).

2. We waited a long time for the bus but it didn’t come.

3. That's a nice shirt. Where did you buy it?

4. She saw me but she didn’t speak to me.

5. Did it rain yesterday? No, it was a nice day.

6. That was a stupid thing to do. Why did you do it?

Raymond Murphy, Essential Grammar in Use, Cambridge University Press


After repeating grammar at home students should ask each other questions for details for four or five minutes. At the end recombine the class and ask various students some of these extra questions:

When do you usually have your meals? What do you like to eat?
Where did you go for your last holiday? What did you do on holiday?


Correct the mistakes in using verbs.

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