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Unit 11 Revision

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1) Explain the necessity of using italicized articles, linking words, and pronouns in the following passage

1) The present definition of 2)the kilogram requires that all SI mass measurements carried out in the world be related to 3)the mass of the IPK. (“Mass” is commonly equated with “weight,” 4) but technically 5) the “mass” of 6)an object refers to 7)the amount of matter in 8)it, 9)whereas 10) its “weight” is caused by 11) the gravitational attraction between 12)the object and 13)the earth.) To forge 14)this link, metrologists remove the IPK from 15) its sanctuary every 40 years or so to calibrate 16)the copies of 17)the IPK 18)that are sent to 19)the International Bureau of Weights and Measures by 20) the 51 national signatories of 21)the “Meter Convention” – 22)the treaty 23)that governs the SI. Once equilibrated, 24)these copies are used to calibrate all other mass standards of 25) the member states in 26)a long, unbroken sequence 27)that propagates down to 28) the weighing scales and other instruments employed in laboratories and factories around 29)the globe. 30)It makes economic sense to have 31)a stable, unchanging standard of mass, 32)but evidence indicates that the mass of the IPK drifts with time. By observing relative changes of 33)the other mass standards fabricated at 34)the same time as 35)the IPK and by analyzing old and new measurements of mass-related fundamental constants (36)which are thought not to change significantly over time), scientists have shown that 37)the mass of the IPK could have grown or shrunk by 50 micrograms or more over the past 100 years.

2) Find and correct the sentence structure errors in the following article

In my child development classes, I’m learning about ways of keep girls interested in technology. Studies shows that girls and boys begin their school years equally interested in technology. After elementary school is the time that com­puters are less of an interest for girls. To sum up, boys keep up with computers and other technology throughout their educations more than girls, they get ahead in these the fields. Experts have come up with some suggestions for teachers and par­ents of girls to help them.

Girls need opportunities to experiment with computers. Despite of the fact that girls spend time on computers, but they usually just do their assignments then they log off. Since computer games and programs are often aimed at boys. Parents and teachers need to buy computer products that will challenge girls not only in literature and art, but also in math, science, and business is important.

Another suggestion is to put computers in places where girls can socialize. One reason many boys stay interested in technology is that it is something he can do on his own. Girls tend to be more interested in working with others and to share activities. Furthermore computer terminals are placed close to one another, girls work at them for much longer periods of time. To begin with, parents and teachers need to be aware that nothing beats positive role models. Teach them about successful women in the fields of business, scien­tific, and technology. Otherwise the earlier we start interesting girls in these fields, the better.

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