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Fill in the gaps of the letter of request with the phrases given below

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  1. A. Look at the title of the lesson and say what the text below may be about.
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  3. Appendix 8. Criteria for letter assessment
  4. B. Put the following in the right order, then rewrite the letter in paragraphs adding a salutation and your name.
  7. Complete the sentences below by using one of the idioms above. Some of them can be used more than once.



Yours sincerely I am writing to request Thank you for your assistance Dear Mr. Weiner Please send me




Sample letter giving information

Look through the letter of giving information and do the following tasks:

Define the style of the letter

2) Choose the words / phrases in bold which are more appropriate for the style of the letter



Sample letter of apology

Read the letters of apology from hairdressers who put too many chemicals on a client’s hair and answer the following questions:

1) Which letter do you think is the best letter?

2) Why did you choose this letter, and not one of the others? Prove your point of view.





Sample CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Look though the CV given below and fill in the gaps with names of the parts of the CV

education interests objective references summary of qualifications

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