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A. Look at the title of the lesson and say what the text below may be about.

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Lessons 5-6 I keep my stuff in a suitcase


A. Look at the title of the lesson and say what the text below may be about.


B. Read Kelly's letter published in a youth magazine quickly and check your guesses.

I can't remember ever having a normal family life. I first got taken into care when I was six and my parents died in a car crash. So I had to stay in the children's home.

Although the children's homes are okay, they are not the best places to live. The staff are always nice and friendly, but you are surrounded by strangers. I sometimes have to share a room and if you don't get on with the other girl, it's not much fun. Also, I never know how long I'm going to be in for, so I have to just keep my stuff in a suitcase under the bed.

My life's okay in some ways. I go to the same school and I have some good friends. Obviously, I feel a bit jealousof them when I go to their houses for tea. They've got a nice place to live, with a nice family, but they don't really appreciate it — they are complaining about them all the time! Particularly my friend Sasha! She keeps complaining all the time just because she shares the room with her sister.

It'd be nice if I had a brother or sister — at least then I'd have someone around all the time. I get fed up being on my own.

I think my friends feel sorry for me, living in the children's home all the time, but because this is what I'm used to, it doesn't seem too bad. I still have my friends and I know all the staffin the home. It's not like I'm completely alone in the world. But I'd love to have a family too.

When I leave school, I'm going to get a job and a nice flat for me to live in. Then I'll be able to put up my pictures and unpack my stuff,because I'll know for sure that I'm there to stay. And one day, sometime in the future, I'll finally have a family of my own.

1 Does it refer to the present or to the past?

2 feeljealous of

feeling angry and unhappy because

a) someone has something that you don't have;

b) someone you like is showing interest in another person.

Which one is this?

Does she approve of it? How do you know?

Find some other cases with these words. What do they mean in each case?


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