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  1. The selected projects will be included in theTrans(ap)parenciesThematic Exhibition, the central event at the East Centric 2013 Architecture Triennale.

The project will address both the design time needs of report creation as well as the run-time requirements of report generation and deployment. A high-level architecture diagram is provided below. The project will adopt and support accepted open standards wherever feasible.

The Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Project is divided into a number of sub-projects that reflect the initial focus on the reporting aspects of business intelligence and the high-level architecture of the project. These are discussed in the sub-project section below. As discussed above, the creation of additional sub-projects is anticipated and encouraged to address additional aspects of business intelligence.

Due to the wide variety of potential applications, it is recognized that BIRT cannot meet all the requirements of all applications. It is therefore a core design principle for the projects within BIRT to support a broad range of extension points within the tools and frameworks that allow developers to address additional needs. These extension points may be utilized for adding value in commercial products using BIRT, or may be developed and contributed into the Eclipse open source community.

For example, logging tools can use BIRT's data extension point to plug-in a data query user interface and access logic to read and process log files, use BIRT's report engine to present the information in the log, and extend BIRT's output/rendering adaptor to email or send a short message to a user with the report output in a format targeted for that device.

We expect the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Project to produce functional requirements that are more appropriately satisfied through the Eclipse Project or other Eclipse foundational projects. In such cases, the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Project PMC will coordinate the corresponding Project PMCs the design and implementation of the corresponding contribution.



Appendix7. Sample business letters


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